How To Make Your First Real Estate Sale in Today’s Market

There’s nothing more satisfying than achieving a professional goal for the first time. In many cases, though, there’s also nothing more difficult. Both may be the case when it comes to selling your first house. The real estate market is thriving, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for agents to make their first sale. In fact, the market is more competitive than ever, and there’s been a flood of new agents entering the field. Many of them will burn out quickly, but in the meantime, it’s a challenging environment. Aspiring real estate agents can gain a competitive edge by investing in Batch Leads. Batch Leads offers valuable data that can help you find properties that may fly under other investors’ radars.

Locating Your First Home Sale

One of the best resources for a newbie real estate agent is real estate comps listings in the community you want to sell in. It’s essential that you understand the market in your area, including data from homes that have recently sold. This information can also help realtors identify a fair price for the property they’re trying to sell. In many cases, properties don’t sell simply because the asking price is too high. Even in a booming market, buyers want to find a deal.

If you haven’t secured a property yet to sell, comp listings can still help you. Comps give you a realistic idea of what kind of properties are selling — and how much they’re selling for. With this information, you can take the initiative and start scoping out properties that may not be on the market yet. Pre-foreclosures, probate sales, and homes that are in disrepair are just a few of the property types that a first-time real estate agent can scoop up for their first. Don’t let the conditions fool you. These are incredible opportunities, even if they may have some issues.

Tools & Tips To Get You Your First Home Sale

If you’re looking to get your first sale and you haven’t found much success in traditional real estate, it may be time to pivot. Many realtors have found lucrative opportunities in the world of wholesale real estate, and this kind of investing may be easier than typical real estate work. Agents should know that wholesaling requires a different skill set, though — rather than emphasizing networking and people skills, wholesaling relies on your business savvy and negotiation abilities.

So how can you turn a wholesale listing into your first home sale? When you start wholesaling, you’ll see that the right properties sell themselves. You simply need to find them and find the right buyer. The best way to do both of these things is to invest in information from a lead generation platform. The information you’ll find here will give you a head start on finding distressed properties and other great investment opportunities. You can compare these properties to your real estate comps to determine their approximate value — and when you find a buyer, you’ve got your first sale.

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