A Look at Roy Jones Jr.’s Highest Paying Fight and How Much He Made From It

On March 1, 2003, legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr. entered the ring for the highest-paying fight of his career mediaboosternig. In a highly-anticipated bout, Jones faced off against John Ruiz to become the first undisputed heavyweight champion in nearly a century. The fight was held at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was broadcast live to millions of fans around the world. Jones was guaranteed a purse of $10 million for the fight, with an additional $2 million coming from pay-per-view sales mrlitterbox. He also received a percentage of the ticket sales, which totaled $6.5 million. The fight itself was a close one, with Jones winning by a unanimous decision. In the end, Jones ended up making a total of $19.5 million for the fight, which set a record for the highest-paid fight in boxing history at the time techgesu. Jones proved that he was worth every penny, as he put on a masterful performance against a much larger opponent. Though Jones has since retired from the sport, this fight remains one of the most memorable of his career. He proved that size doesn’t always matter in the ring, and was rewarded handsomely for his efforts.

The highly-acclaimed American professional boxer, actor, and rapper, Roy Jones Jr., has built a successful career and a prosperous real estate portfolio indiancelebrity. His real estate investments have been instrumental in helping to boost his estimated net worth of $45 million. Throughout his career, Roy Jones Jr. has earned millions of dollars from boxing matches. As he has been cautious with his earnings, he has invested in real estate in order to diversify his portfolio. Real estate has proven to be a great investment for Roy Jones Jr. as it has allowed him to capitalize on the appreciation of property values. Roy Jones Jr. has invested in a variety of real estate assets, ranging from single-family homes to expansive commercial spaces. He owns a variety of properties in Florida, including a luxurious mansion in Pensacola. Additionally, he owns an apartment complex in Panama City and a sprawling commercial space in Miami. His portfolio also includes a variety of rental properties throughout the US. The real estate investments of Roy Jones Jr. have allowed him to benefit from the appreciation of property values. This has been a great source of passive income, as well as capital gains, for him. Furthermore, the rental income from his properties has allowed him to generate steady income over the years. Roy Jones Jr.’s real estate investments have been beneficial for his net worth. He has been able to capitalize on the appreciation of property values, as well as generate steady rental income. All of these factors have contributed to the growth of his estimated net worth of $45 million.

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