Best Eco Friendly and Reusable Aluminum Water Bottles

How did it come to be?

Aluminum was initially introduced in 1957, it has gone through numerous advancements over the years to make it a more viable all-purpose option for the water & beverage industry, it was used mainly in cans till 1998, but then a brewery from Japan presented the aluminum bottle for their beverages and it was not until the 2000s that it was also implemented for water bottles, it had increased use of trajectory by major aluminum water bottles companies, it also saw a decline in use when the plastic production was on boom in every aspect of the business, but since the pollution became a major problem on the countries agenda was when it has seen a steady rose over the recent years.

Aluminum Others

The flip side of things was plastic water bottles have dominated the entire market was down to a common businesses practice, low cost which it was, cheaply produced plastic with little to no workmanship required is what attracted major companies to choose it as a container and the second part of the puzzle was the extreme margins that these plastic water bottles provided assisting every small, medium or large enterprise going with this production method.

But nowadays, in particular in western countries which are also major traders in the global market, have created a pollution mess that isn’t eligible enough to be recycled as most of the plastic breaks into small pieces, is non-convertible, and takes centuries to decompose, making an island of mainly plastic bottles, not only polluting the ocean, the seafood but also the bodies health of human beings, it was then that certain countries, companies started charging for plastic, to discourage it’s used, because of the pollution and health issues it brings forward and encouraging other alternatives which are aligned with green items that are not harmful to the environment.

Why is it Best for you & everyone?

aluminum is one of the major alternatives coming before glass amongst companies, as the production is cost-efficient for a lot of companies, aluminum water bottles can be conveniently recycled for forever basically, aluminum water bottles is something unheard of but, the overall cost induced previously was lower as the recycling process is quite rapid, so the aluminum bottles can be used in the market again, that means that the consumer can also personalised or aluminum water bottles with carrying cases for their everyday use, they can be used multiple times without altering the taste of the water or affecting health, aluminum water bottles with logos of different brands is certainly the promising future.

The wholesale aluminum water bottles at are also an attractive buying opportunity for people who like to stay hydrated on the go yet responsibly as the aluminum water bottles are easily disposed of back to the recycling unit to be reused by major brands.

So much so that eco-friendliness of aluminum water bottles was on the agenda of the recent G7 meeting to make it available and accessible worldwide because of the two major factors that it can be infinite times be recycled or reused.

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