Disabled? Tips For Offsite Airport Parking

Travel for the disabled is challenging, at best. Parking a car in safety and security is vital for traveling for the disabled. While security is uppermost in travelers’ minds, ease of travel for the disabled still has a ways to go.

Parking before navigating the airport is one of the first things about which disabled people should know. Here are some tips for using Express Park – Philadelphia airport parking.

Tip 1: Practice Making Your Plane On Time

A disabled person flying alone sometimes has family or friends to help navigate the airport. However, solo travel requires extra time and lots of it. Some days before your trip, drive to the airport. Locate an off-site parking lot. Practice taking the shuttle to the airport.

When you get there, you’ll need to know how to get to the ticket counter, from which gate your plane will be departing, and how much time it will take to do these things. Practice a couple of days before your flight so you’ll be right on time.

Tip 2: It’s About Apps

If you’re worried about your vehicle while you’re away, try downloading an app. Satellite security is a thing, so check out iParkomat or Spot Hero.

Tip 3: Check Airlines For Discounts And Assistance

There are usually discounts for parking as well as assistance if the disabled can’t reach a kiosk to get something. Ask the airline personnel for help or press the “assistance” button. They generally have carts and wheelchairs for the disabled, and it can save you a lot of money.

Tip 4: Book Early

There are some advantages to showing up at the airport on departure day, the main one being saving money on tickets. However, with parking discounts, you’re better off booking your trip well in advance. Take a picture of the parking spot with the identifying number or letter as well. It’s easy to forget where you parked after a couple of weeks of having fun.

Tip 5: Learn About European Airports And Assistance

Aunt Judy might be at Heathrow to pick you up, but you have to get there first. European legislation offers the disabled traveler special things, but the airport you’ll be flying into is required to look after you. Thus, you’ll need to check with the airline to learn what services they offer the disabled.

It’s up to the traveler to alert the airline of any special needs, such as those with limited sight, the inability to walk far, and so forth. They’ll then have wheelchairs, persons to help you across the airport into the plane, and into the seat reserved for your use.

Tip 6: From Whom To Seek Help

No matter how much time and careful planning is involved, something will come up. You’ll need to know whom to contact in these circumstances. lists things like traveling with a service animal, seating, assistance, and wheelchairs. Beneath each of these are listed videos and web pages detailing how the airlines must assist the disabled. Contact Us enables the disabled to interact with someone who can help.

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