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Why and How to Leverage Social Media while Teaching Online

The world is moving online at the speed of lightning. Today, people use online technology for everything they do daily, including learning and connecting with people. 

Teachers can create a digital classroom using various modes or online platforms available for teaching online. The internet stores information about anything and everything in the world, thus, making learning online highly beneficial.

When we talk about social media part, it has become a part of people’s lives. Human beings, of any age, live and breathe social media. It helps in connecting people across the world.

Social media can also be used for the purpose of learning. It is not just for fun but helps in creating awareness, connecting and promoting your online teaching business. 

Let us learn about the hows and whys of leveraging social media when teaching online.

Why Incorporate Social Media while Teaching Online

Social media is a great tool that can help you reach out to your target audience. You can advertise and promote your course, apps for classroom, etc., on social media which helps you expand your business. 

Your students can connect with you outside the fixed classroom sessions for doubts and any confusion through various social media channels such as Facebook and WhatsApp where you can create groups for them to post their doubts. This also promotes peer learning as students can help each other to clarify doubts. 

Furthermore, these groups will keep the students and teachers in touch with each other and hence, promote engagement, encouragement and peer learning. Without face-to-face interaction with their peers, students may feel demotivated and lack passion. Hence, it is necessary to keep in touch with them and keep them connected outside the classroom sessions. This has an added advantage. It creates a sense of belongingness among the students and promotes social relationships.

Social media posts can spread like forest fires. As this is one of the fastest ways of connecting with people, you can easily inform your students about anything important. Thus, it makes the transfer of information easy.

How to Incorporate Social Media while Teaching Online

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp are among the widely used social networking sites. You can use these platforms based on who your target audience are and what they want. 

You can create public groups on Facebook and connect with students by posting practice questions or any important or interesting quizzes that helps create a thread of students answering and helping each other with doubts. 

WhatsApp can be used to share important notices and documents with the students which makes communication simpler.

You can use Instagram to make learning creative for the students by posting creative and informational content through posts and reels by creating an official insta handle.

Final Thoughts

Social media is a great tool in making online learning better for the students. When used in the right way, social media helps your online teaching business grow and prosper. 

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