What are the Roles of a Criminal Defense Attorney?

A criminal defense attorney, also known as a defense lawyer, is responsible for representing a defendant in a criminal prosecution. An individual who is charged with a crime has the right to defend themselves in court. Attorneys working in a reputed Seattle defense law firm can assist the defendant in navigating him through the criminal justice system, investigating the case, preparing and asserting his legal defense, analyzing the evidence, and ensuring that the defendant’s rights are protected throughout the case. This article explains the role of a criminal defense attorney or law firm in detail.

●     Assignment of the case

The lawyers in the Seattle defense law firm are either directly contacted by the defendant or are assigned the case by the court. Many criminal defense lawyers are considered public defenders, whom the public defender’s office pays. It is the local, state, or federal court that appoints the case. Other criminal defense attorneys work for private law firms or have independent legal offices.

●     Interview about the case

The criminal defense attorney not only asks the defendant pointed questions about the case but also further investigates the case to determine any possible avenues of acquitting the defendant. This includes questioning the police about the procedures used by them in conjunction with the specific case or talking to the witnesses who may have any information about the case. Additionally, the defense lawyer has the right to review the prosecutor’s case before it’s submitted to the jury. The collected information builds a strong defense for the defendant’s case.

●     Analyzing the evidence

A criminal defense lawyer studies the facts and theories of the case to analyze the evidence against a criminal defendant. It is the responsibility of the law firm to have the evidence tested independently. Moreover, the evidence might be examined by the lawyer to determine if any legal theories work against his client.

●     Jury selection

Assisting with the jury selection process is another role of the criminal defense attorney. He might try to get the jurors removed if he thinks that they might be biased against the defendant.

●     Plea bargaining

A criminal defense lawyer needs to talk about the status of the case and negotiate with the prosecutor regarding the defendant’s plea bargain. It might help him secure a favorable deal for the defendant, resulting in a reduction of charges or a possible punishment.

●     Trail participation

The prominent role of a criminal defense attorney is to fight for his client during the trial. The witnesses are examined; the state’s witnesses are cross-examined; and also, the lawyer tries to convince the jury that the prosecution has failed to meet its burden of proof.


The primary responsibility of a professional Seattle defense law firm is to mount a vigorous and competent defense. This requires the appointed attorney to actively defend his client’s freedom. A defense attorney should ensure continuous contact with his client to update the defendant on developments in the case and what possible consequences there could be.

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