The controversial anti-football

There have been many football teams that have impressed with their attractive tactics. Examples include Barcelona coached by Pep Guardiola, the Jogo Bonito shown by Brazil, and also the total football tactics shown by multiple Dutch teams. Fans can visit 1xBet – any sports betting sites can offer chances to wager on all football squads, regardless of how their tactics look like.

However, this beautiful way to see football also has its counterpart. This corresponds to the concept of anti-football, and it is often related to teams that play with an extremely defensive scheme. Yet, there are a few other aspects that are considered to be part of anti-football. This includes playing aggressively in a physical sense, with many fouls, or trying to prevent the game from continuing smoothly. When taking into account any sports betting sites, the 1xBet site is the one that offers the most football wagering opportunities.

History of the concept

The first time that the concept of anti-football was widely accepted was in 2001. Here a few magazines started to speak about it in order to describe the ultra-defensive tactics of many teams. However, these teams may also be very effective, and betting on them at can be a good decision.

Over the years, many squads have been described as having anti-football tactics at some moment. Some examples include:

  • Rangers;
  • Celtic;
  • West Ham United;
  • and even the Netherlands.

For instance, Rangers was said to have its own kind of anti-football called “Watenaccio”. This word comes from the name of their coach, Walter Smith, and the catenaccio ultra-defensive system.

The team reached the 2008 UEFA Cup final, conceding only two goals in the process. They were eventually defeated by Zenit St. Petersburg 2-0 in the final match. This contest took place on the 14th of May 2008. The goals for the Russian team came from Konstantin Zyryanov and Igor Denisov. All such final matches are featured at the 1xBet website.

A legend criticizing his own team

The Netherlands and Johan Cruyff are related to one of the most beautiful forms of football ever seen. This corresponds to Total football. The website features all the matches of the Dutch national squad.

After the Dutch team lost the 2010 FIFA World Cup final to Spain, Cruyff openly criticized the squad of his country. He spoke against the “dirty” tactics used, and even used words such as ugly and vulgar to call how Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk deployed the team. He claimed the main reason why the Dutch lost the final was because “they didn’t want the ball”. Of course, the 1xBet website has all the FIFA World Cup final matches, and users can place lots of wagers on them.

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