Signs That You Need a Counseling Session

In the 2018 data of Statistique Canada, an estimated 5.3 million people in Canada have mentioned a need to see a professional to seek help for their mental health problems. The knowledge that there is a therapist in Windsor Ontario whom they can talk to in times of distress is opening the minds of many to the fact that they don’t have to suffer in silence.

What Is Therapy?

Psychotherapy also referred to as talk therapy or just “therapy” is a form of treatment that is aimed at relieving the emotional distress and mental health concerns of people. It is provided by trained professionals including psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, and licensed counsellors. It involves examining and gaining insight into the life choices and hurdles that a person, couple, or family is facing.

During therapy, the licensed provider and client have a shared goal of improving some aspects of the client’s life. Different strategies are used to meet these needs. The key to its success is the willingness of the client to collaborate and commit to the improvement and positive change he or she wants to achieve.

When Is It Time to Seek Therapy?

Mental health and seeking professional help were once considered taboo. But the fears associated with it have diminished. More people have opened up to the fact that they need professionals who can help them sort out their emotions in order to pull their life together. If you or a person you know is experiencing these things, it would be wise to see a therapist:

1. When you feel overwhelmed

Stress is a part of life. Even children go through stressful situations but data by the Canadian Mental Health Association show that the pandemic has taken a toll on people with at least 77% of adults feeling negative emotions. It is the time when they have to think about their work or business, taking care of the family, being isolated, and getting sick. The heightened stress level can lead to serious physical and mental health concerns.

2. When you feel fatigued

There are times when you can sleep away the tiredness that you feel but there are also times when the lethargy can’t be shaken off. Fatigue is a physical symptom of mental health issues. It can indicate that a person is going through a depressive state. If you notice that you feel more fatigued than usual or have trouble getting out of bed, consider seeking a therapist’s help.

3. When you are easily enraged

Do you often argue with your spouse about the smallest things? Do you find yourself snapping at your children just because they are doing things that kids do? Is the company of your colleagues making you more irritated than happy?

Anger and resentment are natural emotions that people need to acknowledge and see past. They are not harmful if they are released soon enough. However, if you find yourself getting extremely angry, irritated, or violent towards others, you need to take a step back and find the help you need before these relationships get ruined for good.

4. When you experience agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is the fear of being in places where they feel trapped or may experience panic attacks. Because of this fear, some people choose to not leave their houses.

5. When you feel anxious about everything

Getting worried is a normal response to uncertainties but when these worries take up a significant part of your waking life or can manifest physically — such as shaking and palpitations — you will need therapy to help deal with them.

6. When you feel apathetic

There are hobbies and things that you love doing because they give you a sense of fulfilment. People who need to see a therapist though may report losing interest in things that they loved doing.

7. When you feel hopeless

Losing hope or motivation indicate that the person is going through depression or other mental health condition. Feeling hopeless from time to time, especially at a time of crisis, is common but if this thought lingers, it can result in horrible incidents.

8. When you withdraw from your social circle

Many people feel better after talking to a friend or spending time with family members. Those who may need therapy however will find themselves cancelling meetings, turning down invitations, and not having the drive to socialize at all.

Therapy can help people deal with their emotional baggage. If a face-to-face meeting seems impossible for now, there is an online psychologist in Toronto that they can run to. Help is always available.

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