How to Use Social Proof in eCommerce 

One may say that customer-business relations are built upon trust that can only be achieved via E-commerce virtual assistants who deliver perfect customer service. Indeed, this is true. However, using other methods and tools can also help you with developing a strong bond with your customer base. 

If you run an Ecommerce platforms business, you should definitely use social proof as part of your marketing strategy as it is a powerful tool helping you improve conversion rates and increase trust. Big companies use social proof on their websites. You may wonder why.

Well, simply because not always customers are sure about whether it is worth making a purchase from your store or not. Especially those who want to shop on your website for the first time need to make sure that you are a trustworthy business offering good-quality products and services.

In today’s blog, we will walk you through the 5 most effective methods of using social proof. Following and implementing these tips will allow you to build strong relations with your customers, increase revenue, and become a leading company in the field.

4 Actionable Ways to Use Social Proof to Grow Your eCommerce Store

Showing social proof is E-commerce’s trend which has benefited a lot of businesses. Below you will find tips to use social proof to develop your business and take it to the next level.

1. Make Use Of Real-Time Stats

You can display some real-time stats about what visitors are doing on your website, such as the number of people who are currently viewing a product, signing up, purchasing, or doing other actions. You can place some graphs in a visible place so your customers can immediately notice them. 

In this way, you can show that you have high traffic on your website, boost  lead generation and motivate other visitors to take an action too.

2. Use Trust Badges

There are plenty of ways to validate your brand. One of them is being recommended by organizations that people recognize and respect. Many big companies like Amazon and eBay also use trust badges.

You can visually present their approval by placing trust badges on your website. In this way, your brand authority will increase and people will be able to distinguish your brand from others.

Trust badges can be in the form of 

  • Awards
  • Certifications
  • Media mentions
  • Security seals, and so on

When people first visit your website and see those badges, they will feel safe and trust your online store. If you manage to gain your customers’ trust, they will use your solution like a real estate chatbot and you will be able to build a loyal customer base. 

3. Show The Number of People Who Bought This Product

There is no secret that products that have high demand seem more appealing to customers. To trigger your customers’ interest and make them purchase your products, you can indicate how many people have bought a particular product. If hundreds of people have purchased it, others will feel trust towards that item and buy them too. 

Besides, you can indicate how many items are left. If there are only a few left, customers will feel urged to obtain the product as soon as it is possible. 


As you can see, social proof works well in eCommerce marketing and can boost sales. The above-mentioned practices fit an online business. So, the sooner you start applying them, the sooner you will see results.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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