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How to Make Teak Last Long Generations after Generations

Out of all the wooden materials, teak is the best for furniture. Known for its durability, teak has stood at the top in the market although many engineered materials are there.

Usually, the minimum age for teak is 70 years and it can extend depending on the maintenance you do for teak. Inside furniture lasts longer than the outside teak furniture as it won’t be subjected to natural elements like wind, rain, and sunshine.

Because of the extensive lifespan of teak, you’d want to pass down the furniture to your future generations so that they have a memory of you in the form of furniture. Generally, people do this for statement pieces like special teak cots, wooden mirrors, vanity tables, etc.

You have to do special maintenance to these kinds of furniture so that your children can use it without any issues like a termite infestation, etc.

So, if you’re thinking to pass down your furniture and want to know the process of the maintenance required for it, you’ve landed at the right place. We tell you here a few simple tricks and you can apply these both for inside and outside teak furniture.

  • Apply sealant to prevent staining

If you have outside furniture like tables and chairs that you’d like to preserve for your children, then apply sealant. Learn here the benefits of using teak for outdoor furniture among the other wooden materials.

The sealant makes sure that the teak is not affected by natural elements like wind and rain. If you don’t do this, outside teak furniture will slowly change its colour from wooden brown to grey.

You don’t want your teak furniture to lose its beauty before it can truly age. Hence, make sure you’re applying the sealant to the teak tables and chairs.

While sealants are effective towards general staining, teak is not stain-proof if liquids like coffee, wine, etc., are spilled on top of it even after applying the sealant. If you don’t want these stains, then make sure you’re wiping immediately after the liquids are spilled on top of teak furniture.

  • Don’t apply water or varnish

Applying sealant applies to only outside furniture. On the other hand, inside teak furniture practically requires nothing to make it last longer. But if you want to learn more tips, read here – how to maintain your teak furniture.

It’s because teak is naturally strong and durable. And it produces its own oils which prevent outside water to penetrate into it. It’s the reason why it doesn’t get infested by termites and other insects.

So, applying varnish or washing with external water will remove natural oils present on teak wood and diminish its life.  Also, natural oils protect the teak from mould and mildew, so washing it with water or varnish will remove the oils and increase the chances of infestation. It can also lead to chipping and peeling which are signs of wear of teak wood.

You Can Restore Withered Teak

If you have withered teak furniture that you’d like to restore, then apply it with a cleaner (mixture of a base (caustic soda) and an acid (phosphoric acid)). The cleaner can effectively restore the beauty of teak wood, however, keep in mind not to use it on painted surfaces. It will remove the paint and damages the surface.

So, following the above tips can make your teak furniture last long so that you can pass it down to your children. As teak is expensive, ensure that it’s protected for the many years to come.

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