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If you’ve never played multiplayer games, you may not realize how strong social bonds they create between players. In virtual worlds, they find not only real friends, but even future husbands and wives.

Games like Destiny, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft create situations where you have to interact with strangers. You join forces with other players for the sake of common goals and experience joint adventures. In such conditions, it is easy to get close and find common topics for conversation. If you wish, you can continue to communicate in the real world.

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How to find friends in online games

If you meet online, do not forget about network etiquette
Tidy up your online profile. Remove posts and pictures that make you look worse than you really are.
When publishing your profile for future friends, briefly describe your qualities, goals of acquaintance and interests.
Try to write correctly, use punctuation marks.
Do not overuse emoticons, exclamation marks, and capital letters.
Do not break the message into several parts unnecessarily. Finish the thought, and then send, so as not to annoy the interlocutor with a flood of notifications.
Avoid banal remarks like “Hi, how are you?”.
Don’t swear.
Don’t joke around.
Do not argue over trifles, respect the point of view of the interlocutor.
Be polite.

If your communication from the virtual world turns into the real one (which is exactly what you want, isn’t it?), the tips from the next paragraph will surely come in handy.

Find old school friends

If you are an old school person and don’t like all this virtual stuff, you can always find interesting people in the real world.

Look for friends at school or at work

Schools, universities and offices are the places where people usually make new acquaintances. But since you are reading this article, it means that this option did not work in your case.

If there are people in the team with whom you would like to make friends, but no one takes the initiative, take it into your own hands. Talk to your manager about activities you can do together, like going after work to an anti-cafe or a bar. You can simply offer these options directly to your colleagues. An informal atmosphere will create the prerequisites for friendly relations.

If you study or work remotely, or there are no people close in spirit in the team, there remains a radical way – to change the place of work or study. But before taking decisive action, try the next option.

Look for friends in local sections and clubs of interest

Another old-fashioned way to find friends is to sign up for a sports section. It is advisable to choose a team sport like football, hockey or handball. Alternatively, consider dancing.

If you do not like active sports, try to find an interest club. This may be an institution where they play board games or discuss literature. Choose based on your interests: this will help you find like-minded people. The addresses of such clubs are usually available on the Internet.

When communicating live, do not forget about manners

Before the meeting, think about how to spend time as interesting as possible. Offer your options to new friends. Ask if they have suggestions.
Don’t be late for appointments: no one likes to wait.
Don’t violate the person’s personal space.
Be open to new places, activities and travel.
Use psychological tricks to please the interlocutor.

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