Checklist for Pets: What Is Included In Full-Body Health Physical Exam Checklist?

It is not easy to know whether your pet is healthy or not. But what if it is not and you are unaware of it? It is essential to go to regular vet checkups and monitor its wellness daily. Several medical conditions are undetectable for pet owners. However, a thorough physical examination can help you identify if something is wrong with your beloved pet. Additionally, Bivvy’s pet health insurance can help you cover unexpected medical expenses in case your furry friend becomes ill. Thus, allowing you to stay focused on helping your pet recover.

If you notice any change in your pet’s behavior, you should take it seriously and talk to your vet immediately. These changes might be regarding activity levels, personality, or appetite.

The Basic Checklist That Every Pet Owner Should Know

There are some basic things that you will be going to read further regarding the healthy look of your pet dog.

Ø  Eyes

We will start from the eyes as your pet dog’s Eyes should be clear and not red. If the eyes are cloudy or watery, then it is not normal. The eyes of your pet should be bright in terms of giving a clear look.

Ø  Mouth and Nose

When a dog is approaching you, then the first thing which you will notice is his mouth and nose. If there is any foul smell or bad breath coming from your dog’s mouth, then it is due to a dental disease which is very common.

Ø  Red Gums

If you are noticing red gums or swollen gums, then it means a problem for your dog. You can also notice the change of having bad health through drool which is a very natural way to give a health check-up.

Ø  Giving a Regular Check-Up

These are the basic things that you can easily do at your home by giving a regular check on your pet’s health. It is not easy as it sounds to have a pet in your home because they require attention and proper nourishment, just like a baby.

Ø  Don’t Believe In Myths

Generally, people believe in a myth that a running nose is absolutely fine for your dog, but in reality, it is not. The reason a wet nose is a sign that your dog is not healthy. Always make sure that the years of your pet dog are clean and hygienic.

Ø  A Regular Check On The Dog’s Ear

If any bad odor is coming from your pets’ ears, then it is not normal. If your pet years have a little bit of wax, then it is normal, but in case there is a high amount of wax present in your pet’s ear, then there is something wrong. To keep your dog in control, you can use an electric dog fence wire so that the dog can be easily approached.

Ø  Cleaning Ear With the Cotton Ball

You can also give a weekly check on your pet’s year by cleaning them with the help of a cotton ball for maintaining safety. In the market, there are non-irritating ear cleaning solutions available that help you to clean your dog’s ears easily and accurately.

Ø  Shaking head very often:

If you are observing that your dog is shaking his head frequently, then there might be some issue regarding excessive wax in their ears. Focusing on the skin and coat of your pet dog is important as this kind of dog should not be too red or greasy.

Ø  No Bald Patches

Also, there should be no bald patches on the skin of your dog. Have observed how your dog is moving because taking care of bones and joints is also a major concern for owning a pet.

Ø  Bones and Joints

If your dog is struggling hard to get to stand, then it is because of a joint or bone problem. It is very common to see mobility issues in pet dogs. For this, you can buy a joint supplement for taking proper care of your dog. There are some breeds of dogs that are suffering from heart and lung diseases, and that is common in pugs.

Ø  Respiratory Issues

Generally, dogs develop a respiratory infection and chronic heart diseases which have a major impact on their overall Wellness. If there is a slight change in the way your pet dog is breathing, then you should immediately take the help of a doctor. You should teach your dog about toilet habits and stool because it helps in maintaining the digestive system.

Ø  A Balanced Diet

By following a balanced diet, you can avoid the chances of diarrhea and vomiting because it is very common to see as well. The most common signs of a digestive issue in your pet dog are passing gas stool, burping, scratching, change in their appetite, etc. Being a dog owner, you should focus on each and everything regarding your dog’s health.

If your pet dog is frequently urinating or any bad smell is coming from the urine, then it is a sign of trouble in your pet’s urinary system. If you are observing any of these things, then it seeks to be your immediate medical attention for your pet dog.

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