Advantages of Live Online Classes

The world of the internet and technology has opened infinite ways for people to connect and share information and messages. First it started by simply sending messages, then videos were used to spread information and today technology has become so advanced that today we watch live sports matches or live shows. In which we can see whatever is  happening in the other corner of the world, in real time on our T.V. or Mobile screen. Today live videos are being used not only for entertainment purposes but also for educational purposes. Educational institutions and teachers have used the feature of live online classes during the pandemic, when schools and colleges where shut down. Ed-tech companies even added the feature of live video with the help of video call api in their app so that they can provide better education services to teachers, educational institutions and students in this situation. There are many ways by which live online classes benefits education. Let’s know about such advantages of Live online classes.

Communication in Real- time: Online education does provides with many ways to teach and learn like pre-recorded video lectures, or audio-recorded classes. But the real fun and interest of learning comes when you are able to talk, communicate and interact with your teachers, students or friends like you do in real classroom. With live online classes students and teachers can experience all this right from the comfort of their homes. As in live online classes, real-time interaction occurs between them virtually via internet.

Easy to Use: The widespread use of YouTube live streaming videos, Instagram live has shown us that how easy it is for everyone to go live. Same goes with taking live online classes, as teachers can take live classes just by setting up their mobile or device infront of them, turning on their camera and take live online classes with help of educational app or softwares. No need of investing any extra penny or going out of their homes. Teachers just need their mobile phones or devices, internet connectivity and then they are good to go. 

Worldwide accessibility:  As we read above how one can know what’s happening in other corner of the world, sitting at their homes with the help of live videos. This same thing can be used for education too, because of live online classes teachers can teach  students who are even in other countries, from their homes like in  a real classroom. This can make the education accessible to all, as for example: if a student doesn’t have the subject he/she wants to study available in their school or college, they can take online classes for that from another place or teacher who can teach that subject.

Improves Digital Skills: As the whole world is going virtual, and with things like metaverse. It becomes important for everyone to level up their digital skills. Especially after this pandemic in which the connection between one  humans to another was solely dependent on internet and technology. With online education and live online classes, teachers and students both learn how to educate themselves not only about their course content but also about the virtual world, it’s uses and advantages it brings to them.

Immediate Feedbacks and Solutions: The basic definition of live online classes is the real-time and live interaction between teacher and students or students and students. Just like in a physical classroom setting. Which means just like physical classroom, in live online classes teachers can get immediate feedback on the learning outcomes and understanding level of students. And students can ask their queries from teachers at the same time. This helps a lot both to students and teachers on keeping tabs on the progress or problems of the students.

Cost Effective: Students, Teachers and Educational institutions all can agree on this point that taking live online classes saves a lot for them economically. Just by adding a feature of live video with video conferencing api in their college website or app, they can save cost of travel expenses, accomodations, building utilities, student materials and so much. Taking online classes saves lots of teacher’s and student’s time and energy too.

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