A Complete Buying Guide On Air Track Mat

If you are a gym lover or gymnast or you are planning for workout at your home, then you might seek for gym mats. One of the best mats that you can use in your daily workout routine is air track mat. They are made up of high quality material and their build quality is so high that every age group can use then whether you are a kid, young person or old person there mats would be a best option of working out.

 Artificial material such as PVC is used while manufacturing these mats. They are also known as inflated mats.  Inflated mats are highly durable and sharp items cannot damage them easily. You can easily use them under harsh sunlight while enjoying on beach with your family or friends because sunlight cannot penetrate through their thick layer of PVC. There are many factors that you should consider before buying these inflated mats.

Things that you should consider before buying the best air track mat

  1.   Size – You must consider the size of your mat before buying them. Also make sure to check the size of your place that you would use for your air mat. If your room is small then you might look for an average size of air track mat and if you have a spacious room them you might use any size which you prefer.

However, if you are going to pursue your career in gymnastics then a proper knowledge of size is mandatory. A beginner level player should only buy 3 m x 10 cm of mat and this would be enough for them. In contrast if you are a pro or have been performing gymnast for a long time 5 m x 15 cm would be an ideal choice for you.

  1.   Thickness – Many mats have their different thickness but the thickness of some inflated mats thickness varies according to their size.  You must know about your requirement about how much bouncy your mat should be. More thickness leads to more bounciness so only choose thickness according to the level of your exercise.
  2.   Features – Many air track mats have features like floating, connecting and other types of features. If you have a spacious room where your kids can play freely then you might want to go with mats which interconnects with each other and makes the playing platform big for your kids. Some user can select the mat which allows them to float o water. Many of you might have swimming pools in your home; you can use those mats to float on the surface of water. You can enjoy food while floating or you can enjoy sun bath under the sun while on air track mats.
  3.   Accessories – Due to the rising demand of inflated mats they are easily available in many platforms. Some sellers sell these mats with various accessories with them. So make sure to choose the accessories according to your choice For example if you don’t have a air pump them you should go with mat which some with a air pump with them. And if need floor tiles with your mats for extra safety purpose then search for air mat which some with sticky floor tiles. Sticky floor tiles are very useful if you want to provide extra safety to the user because they help to prevent any damage or injuries from slipping of the mats.

How to buy air track mats?

You can easily buy them on both platform online and offline they are available everywhere in the global market. Shopping online would be ideal for you because of the offers and discount provided by the online websites. Local stores do not provide flexibility in payment and any guarantee of the product. While on the other hand, online websites provide you with a lot of payment options like PayPal, Weston Union, internet banking, bank transfer, and credit and debit card.

In addition, online website gives you a proper guarantee of your product. The best website to buy these air track mats is Kameymall because they provide best and every types of inflated mats on their websites.

 Air track mats are usually made up of high quality material so they are highly reliable to use. You can fill the air in these mats with the help of two pumps one is manual and other is automatic. It i[i]s highly recommended to use automatic electric pump because they are very easy to use and fill the air automatically in your mat. While with the manual pump you have to work very hard to fill the air in your mats. There is a main drawback of automatic pump and that is you cannot carry them while travelling unlike manual pumps because it is hard to find electric switches while on beach. The only thing that will help in that situation is manual air pump .

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