8 Apps That Might Help You Keep Track Of Your Pulse Rate

Keeping track of your pulse rate is an essential component of maintaining your health and fitness. Knowing your average pulse rate may assist you in setting objectives, tracking your progress, and ensuring that you are getting the most out of your workouts. If you want to keep track of your pulse rate, there are a variety of applications that might assist. Based on our analysis, these are the top selections. We’ve got you covered whether you’re searching for an application that allows you to track your wellness or just want to keep track of your pulse for fun.

1. Apple Health

Apple Health may be used to track your pulse if you are an Apple user. On iOS 10 or later, as well as watchOS 10 or later, you can simply establish daily objectives for yourself and track your progress in the Activity app. Connecting your Apple Watch is simple, and it will track your pulse in the background. If you don’t have an Apple Watch or want to use another device, you may manually enter a reading into the Health app. The precision with which you can track your pulse rate depends on the gadget you’re using.

2. Fitbit

Fitbit is one of the most prominent fitness trackers, and it has a pulse tracking application. Not only can you measure your pulse using the Fitbit app, but you can also track other health data like steps walked and calories burnt. You must have a Fitbit gadget that records heart rate in order to use the Fitbit app to track your pulse. Depending on the sort of gadget you’re using, the accuracy of detecting your pulse rate might vary. If you are a mobile legend player then download family ml.

3. HealthWatch

This might be a nice alternative for you if you merely want to keep track of your pulse using a smartwatch. HealthWatch offers several fantastic features that make it perfect for casual monitoring, despite the fact that it does not provide as much data as other applications. You may set objectives and see graphs for how much time you spend standing and sitting, as well as how much time you spend walking or jogging. This app is available for android and iOS devices smartphones. Furthermore, you may get it for free via u1337x without any problem.

4. Samsung Health

This is the app to use if you want to track your pulse with your smartwatch. Samsung Health allows you to keep track of things like calories burnt, trip length, and steps done. This app is very useful for people who are new to fitness tracking technology or just want to get started in general health monitoring because of its elegant design and easy-to-use interface. We urge customers to take use of Samsung Health’s dedicated fitness models, which include running, biking, and swimming. Many more functions are available in this application, including sleep management choices such as alarm clock scheduling reminders at various times throughout the day.

5. Cardiogram

Cardiogram is a machine learning-based application that monitors your heart rate and helps you live a healthy lifestyle. With notifications, color-coded graphs indicating atrial fibrillation (AFib) history (if any), and basic measures like resting heart rate and average step count per day, you can monitor when your pulse is irregular. It’s simple to integrate data from other applications like Runkeeper or Strava running and cycling apps thanks to connection with Google Fit and Apple HealthKit.

6. Cardiio

Cardiio is a software that provides your phone’s camera to measure your pulse. It’s an easy method to stay fit and healthy while also keeping track of your progress over several months. To acquire accurate results, just aim the camera towards yourself or someone else, then look at it for 10-15 seconds while pressing down on the screen. If you provide other information such as your height, age, and gender, the app can determine your ideal weight.

7. Heart Analyzer

Heart Analyzer is a single programme that contains all of today’s most popular health features. It tracks stress and analyses heart rate variations (HRV). It also captures daily activities, including sleep monitoring with Apple Watch. It also contains a calorie counter and a weight monitor. You may also monitor your weight and calorie intake to evaluate how well you’re doing. That’s something you won’t be able to accomplish with other applications.

8. Heart Rate+

Do you want a simple app that merely monitors your pulse rate? Pulse tracking, resting heart rate (RHR), HRV analysis, calorie monitoring with Apple Watch, and even stress testing are all included in Heart Rate+. It doesn’t have many more features than the others on this list, but it accomplishes what it’s designed to. This is the app for you if you only want to measure your heartbeat without any further features or information.


To summarize, all of these applications are excellent for keeping track of your pulse rate. They each have their own distinct characteristics, yet they all fundamentally perform the same function.

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