Why Should You Consider Having A Photo Booth At Your Next Party?

Photos are a great way to capture fleeting moments to treasure them for a lifetime. The best moments of your life, such as marriages and baby showers, or even a graduation ceremony, require preservation. With the help of smartphones, it takes only a few seconds to capture a memory and store it digitally. But the moments that have high importance to life require a memorable photoshoot session. A photo booth corner is a must accessory for all your upcoming events.

A photo booth functions with an inbuilt automatic film processor, and it takes a few minutes to print the picture. However, nowadays, you don’t require that kind of photo booth to install at events. If you own an iPad, you can use the iPad photo booth with a ring light and other lighting appliances and set a perfect background to get an unforgetful click. You can also go for alternative ways to arrange a photo booth. You can hire a professional to set up a photo booth for your event. If you don’t wish to purchase photo booth services from professionals, you can make your photo booth at home.

How to DIY a photo booth?

Even if you are low on cash, it’s not impossible to get a photo booth. You can make your photo booth at home using a few cheap materials.

  • You can go for black carboards to carve out a beautiful black background. You can also use white color paint to paint the frames in a vintage format. After adding the white frames, you can also add words like welcome or smile please to make the background more attractive.
  • You can use foil plates to create a background for your photo booth session. Foil plates are cheap and come in golden and silver variants. You can mix-match the foil plates to assemble a shiny backdrop, and adding a few fairy lights can add more charm to your photo corner.
  • A simple background with fairy lights also serves as a stunning backdrop for photography. You can also add mirrors attached in strings to create a bling effect and even add fake flowers for a fairytale theme.
  • Tassels and frames also create a stunning background for photography. You can use different sized frames to make it look more attractive and consider adding fairy lights to the frames to make them alluring.
  • Crepe paper streamers also make products for backdrops. You can buy a colorful crepe paper streamer to hang them as a background. It is the cheap and quickest way to build an easy backdrop for a photography session.

Why photo booth is a must-kept accessory?

Whether it be a marriage ceremony, a farewell party, a baby shower, or a Halloween party, pictures capture those memories forever. So, you require a photo booth corner to grab all the crazy and happy scenes with your friends and families.

We have listed a few prominent reasons to install a photo booth corner for your next event.

Accessory to the party

Food and music are the most significant parts of any event. But with a growing craze for photographs, guests would love a photo booth corner. A photo booth corner will add charm to your party. It suits all kinds of events, and all ages of guests can enjoy photo sessions. Photo sessions make the events more memorable, and your guests will be happy with the photo booth as this type of entertainment brings their loved ones closer. You can hire professionals to set up a photo booth for your party.


It may worry you that your budget may be affected by adding a photo booth prop to your party. But photo booths are not that costly, and you can even adjust your hours to use them to fit your budget. You can avail the photo booth services on an hourly basis. So you can revise the amount of time you need their use to ensure it doesn’t affect your party budget. The photo booths cost less than providing open mocktail services or arranging a grand buffet for your guests, and the photo booths guarantees to satisfy your guests and even grant great pictures at a very low expense.


It is stressful to think about a suitable gift for guests, and buying them adds more to your budget. Without contemplating a grandiose giveaway for the guests, you can gift them the beautifully captured memories from the photo booth. To add more captivating essence, you can make props and frames for the guests so that they can enjoy their time at the photo booth session. Afterward, print out those pictures and arrange them in an album or frame them to gift to the guests. You can even make a stunning video by collecting the photos and sending them to the guest on social media platforms.

Takes less space

If you are hosting an event at a small place, a photo booth corner won’t take away much space from your party area. Arranging a photo booth session, you need a background, a few lighting appliances, props, and a good camera. All these items require less space, and you can conveniently set them up in a corner. They don’t make your party area clumsy, and you can freely move these lighted weighted items without much hassle.


You can allow your guests to go crazy with pictures by adding unique and funny props. If you are throwing a farewell party, props are the best friends of teenagers clicking photos. Unique prop ideas are readily available on the internet, which means you can make them at home. You can also purchase the props from stores or order them online. Props like crowns, tiaras, moustaches, specs, and message boards are a few famous ones. You can even add Instagram or Facebook post frames to create a social media-themed photoshoot with your friends. If you are hosting a kid’s event, you can add cartoon props or toy props to make the kids happy.

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