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If you want to become a part of the community of the cult MMO RPG World of Warcraft, then you have to join the game to progress with an understanding of the meta, race and class systems, choose your faction, learn how to farm gold and experience, know where to get equipment with weapons and jewelry, and most importantly – be able to quickly progress in updates in order to be one of the first to try new content and earn gold.

To learn how to do it quickly and correctly, you need to read the relevant resources and use services related to the World of Warcraft.

What sites and services will help you better understand World of Warcraft

  • Wowhead
  • Wow Fandom is a link to service for players who need any kind of gaming assistance. You will be able to purchase in-game currency, get boosting and coaching services, a carry raid, and help in mastering new content.


Gold is the main currency, as a tool for interacting with other players, paying for services, buying weapons, armor, jewelry and various materials and aids for professions and helping in difficult raids and farming.

You can purchase game currency in any required quantity from professional Skycoach players with a guarantee of anonymity of the transaction, disguise from the game administration and a refund in case of disputes.


Transferring a game account for pumping a character to level 60, or level 70. A professional player will log into the account using VPN to perform the service. You can monitor the status of your order on the website and receive a notification when your order is completed. After completing the service, it is recommended to change the password – Skycoach is responsible for the account throughout all stages of the order.


A professional Skycoach player will contact you and begin the process of fully learning the game in the selected class.

You will be taught basic skills, farming techniques and gaining experience, the use of skills and the rules for selecting equipment. You will understand the technique of playing PVP and PVE thanks to planned and informative lessons via voice communication, where the coach will monitor your progress.

Raid carry

To get the best equipment, you need to go to raids. Often this is a random matchmaking where everything is decided by chance, since the characters must be equipped and played, otherwise the chance of failure is very high.

Professional Skycoach players can take you to a fireteam to complete a guaranteed raid, where all experience and drops will go to the client.


Wowhead is a large database of guides and all possible information for beginners and experienced players regarding the World of Warcraft universe.

You will find guides on classes, skills, professions and basic mechanics.

If you need information on characters, then by choosing your path and class you can read about its branching in the later stages of development and follow your development paths.

For example, a mage can be fire, ice, and arcane.

The Fire Mage will deal increased AoE Fire Power damage and apply additional Burn and Burn effects that will gradually reduce enemy Health.

The Ice Mage will deal single attacks that inflict strong debuffs that will limit the strength, speed and attack speed of all targets that receive a magic procast and a debuff from hypothermia.

Arcane mage will deal increased damage due to main and finishing skills. The first spell applies a debuff and unlocks the ability to use finishing skills. They will deal increased damage and apply a more powerful debuff.

As you understand, the fire mage is strong in PVE, the ice mage in PVP, and the lasso in raids.

In addition to the main differences, each class has its own set of skills that can be combined, but if you follow the guides, you will save your time and effort, as you will use the practical experience of many players who have already developed and pumped their magicians and are ready to offer the most effective ways to develop and equip character.

Do not forget about a bunch of professions – they will help you independently provide for your class and earn additional gold by selling materials to other artisans, or by independently engaged in pumping and developing a craft.

WoW Fandom

WoW Fandom is a large information base that contains a large amount of theoretical knowledge regarding the World of Warcraft.

You can read all the information you need about NPCs, weapons and armor, jewelry, crafting materials and tools on Fandom.


Despite the fact that the Blizzard developers have added a lot of information regarding crafting materials and how to get them in the game itself, you’d better look at the information in the guides and on the Fandom to get a complete picture of the NPCs, territories and items needed to get key materials.

You can read information about the NPC and understand the general theme of the quest, the list of tasks, the time required to complete it and the overall reward in order to understand if the current task is worth the effort.

If the quest is mandatory, then the best option would be to understand how to complete it as quickly as possible, get your reward and go further, because it takes time to get to level 60 and sail to the Dragon Island, and the longer you pump, the further you will fall behind servers by the speed of obtaining new equipment, weapons and jewelry this is the secret business ideas to get you started as an entrepreneur hobigame.

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