What to Look For in a URL Shortening Service

While deciding on a URL shortening service, you should look for a few things. These factors include reliability, scalability, security, and earnings. To make your decision easier, we’ve listed a few features to look for. The first is reliability. A good URL shortening service will generate a short alias of your long URL and redirect it to your original link. Also, make sure the service is highly available and operates in real time. Latency is an important issue as shortened links should not be predictable or unpredictable.

Affiliated original URLs

URL shortening services create shortened aliases for long URLs. When users click on one of these shortened links, they are redirected to the original URL. Shortened URLs save space and are easier to type. Short URLs are also less likely to be mistyped since they are approximately one-third of the length of the original URL. Short URLs can be used to optimize links for mobile devices, measure ad campaigns, or hide affiliated original URLs.

Reliability is another factor in evaluating a ย่อลิงค์ service. You should always choose a service with a high level of security. A secure URL shortening service uses Blackboard architecture to prevent hacking. This helps you to avoid URLs containing malware or redirecting to sites with malicious software. However, some services are more reliable than others. You should check the reliability and reputation of the service before you make a decision.


There are several advantages of using URL shortening services, but which one is best for your business? Here are some tips. A good URL shortening service should not only generate a short alias for long URLs, but should also redirect users to the original link. Ideally, this process happens instantly, with minimal latency. Moreover, short URLs should not be predictable, so you should be able to track click-through rates and see how effective the service is.

Speed is important, but reliability is just as important. URL เว็บย่อลิงค์ services must work reliably to redirect users to the target website. Uptime percentages may seem abstract, but remember that downtime can vary significantly from month to month. Availability should be guaranteed at all times. Listed uptime percentages are usually based on a 30-day test window, but monthly downtime can be much higher. If the short URL service does have a significant downtime percentage, it may not be a reliable option for your business.


URL shortening services are a common tool used by internet users to share long links with ease. However, they may be a security risk. While many users consider these services to be a useful utility, some users misunderstand the security measures employed by these services. For instance, some people think that hard-to-guess URL schemes provide safety for their resources. In actuality, these services may only obscure the visibility of links until another means is used to reach them.

To protect yourself, you should avoid clicking on shortened URLs in emails that do not come from a trusted source. Even if the link appears safe, you should still carefully check the source of the email. It might contain a link that contains sensitive information. Another danger of shortened URLs is that they may redirect you to a site you don’t want to visit. Fortunately, security measures in modern browsers have made them safer than ever before.


The earnings you can earn from a URL shortening service depend on what kind of link you shorten. The best service will give you a percentage of the money you generate for each visitor. For example, if a visitor clicks on a link you’ve created using a Short URL service, you will get paid anywhere between $3 and $7 per 1000 views. Depending on what country you live in, you can earn anywhere between $0.5 and $7 per thousand visits. You can also join the referral program and earn 20% of your friends’ incomes.


Some services offer more detailed stats and reporting than others. Some will let you choose which payment methods you’d like to receive, while others won’t offer these. P.PW pays up to 70% of the advertiser’s payment, and the rate varies depending on the country. In India, for example, the rate is $.70 per 1000 views, while in the US, it’s $3.50 per thousand views. There’s also an entrance payment of $5 or $10 via Payoneer.

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