What kind of “skin” do we have?

Normally, we can categorize skin according to condition and appearance, there are 4 types: dry skin, oily skin, combination skin and sensitive skin. It was found that people have skin, which is determined by the common factors between heredity and the external environmental factors of the individual. This causes different skin types.  Learning each type of skin is very important because it allows us to know how to distinguish different skin types and choose the right way to maintain each type of skin. Suitable in accordance with the basic condition of each skin. This allows us to choose the skincare products that best meet the needs of different skin types.

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Divide the skin into 4 types as follows:

1. Dry Skin

Dry skin is a skin that is delicate, sensitive and prone to wrinkles. It is less oily as it lacks essential fatty acids needed to maintain moisture and build a protective barrier against the elements. This causes the skin to produce less natural oils from the sebaceous glands under the skin than normal. When there is not enough oil in the skin to prevent water loss of the skin. It makes the skin dry and look dull easily.

Characteristics of dry skin that can be clearly noticed is.

– Skin will look dry, rough, not clear.

– have a tendency to be sensitive a rash or redness on the skin

– Have skin tightness, cracked skin, or may have inflammation and itching easily

– Skin looks dehydrated less flexible and skin peeling and flaking easily

However, dry skin still has some advantages. Dry skin will have small pores, making the skin look smooth, not greasy and will rarely have problems with various acne. Both pimples and pimples are less common than other skin types.

But the most important disadvantage of dry skin is that Often cause premature aging wrinkles easily Especially the skin in sensitive areas such as the skin around the eyes.

Therefore, it is very important to keep your skin moisturized regularly to compensate for the loss of natural oil and moisture in this skin type.

2. Oily Skin

Oily skin is a skin that looks shiny. Due to the sebaceous glands under the skin produce natural oils to nourish the skin in excessive amounts. Oily skin has a lot of greasy secretions. Resulting in shiny, shiny skin. Usually, oily skin often occurs during adolescence. This is when the hormones in the body are changing. And this hormone is a key factor in stimulating the sebaceous glands to produce more oil than usual. The external environment, weather, heat and humidity, as well as emotional stress can also contribute to excessive oiliness of the skin.

For those with oily skin, large pores are noticeable.

– The skin will look thick, somewhat rough and not smooth.

– The veins on the skin are not clearly visible. until sometimes it may make it look dull

– and will be prone to clogged acne and other types of acne easily as well

The advantage of those with oily skin is that There will be no problem of premature aging. No problem with wrinkles like those with dry skin

Because oily skin produces too much oil through the pores. Therefore, the key to this type of skin care is a deep cleansing but gentle on the skin. and choose products that effectively control the oiliness of the skin

2. Combination Skin

Combination skin is a combination of two skin types. which may be oily and combination skin Or dry skin, normal skin or dry combination oily skin. By nature, combination skin has the properties of these two types of skin together. In other words, people with combination skin will have

– Oiliness only in the T-zone area, including the forehead, nose and chin.

– There are large pores in this area. until there may be dirt clogging the pores

– The area on both cheeks will look like normal skin or dry skin.

Combination skin is caused by the oily T-zone of combination skin. excessive oil production Because the sebaceous glands in this area are larger and more active than other areas. Makes it easy to have acne problems The area around the cheeks and cheekbones with dry skin caused by lack of oil. and abnormal fat balance Causing the problem of dry skin, flaky peeling, noticeable after washing the face, both cheeks are dry and tight.

Therefore, combination skin care needs to be taken care of in a combination way. because of the nature of the skin in each area They all need specific care. Use products for oily skin on the T-zone, while other areas use care for normal or dry skin. Including should choose products that help balance the skin in both areas to be close as well.

4. Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a skin that is prone to irritation. Sensitive to things that touch the face such as dust, smoke, sunlight, tissue paper, cosmetics, various skin creams. This type of skin is prone to sensitivity, redness, and the potential for irritation to various products. used on the face Often there are symptoms of dry skin, peeling, tight skin, red skin rash, burning, itching, inflammation easily.

For this sensitive skin problem, although

There is no remedy or cure for sensitive skin. But there are ways to control and manage the symptoms of sensitive skin. If you understand the cause of the problem how it happened And what are the factors that provoke an allergic reaction? It will help us to control the symptoms of sensitive skin better.

How to observe this type of skin

– easy inflammation of the skin

– Skin will develop a red rash, itching, burning to dry skin.

These sensitive skin symptoms can occur for many reasons and can occur at any age. because of the weak skin barrier Skin irritation prone to irritation usually occurs after exposure to an allergen, such as exposure to compounds in certain drugs, chemicals in cosmetics. or some elements in skin care products.

Therefore, people prone to sensitive skin should avoid these triggers in direct contact with their faces. Be especially careful when choosing products for your face. Should choose a product that clearly states that it is suitable for sensitive skin. This is usually a non-alcoholic product. fragrance free And it is a tested product that has a very low chance of causing an allergic reaction. however If people with sensitive skin have allergic reactions. It is recommended that you stop using every product and consult a dermatologist immediately to treat any allergic reactions.

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