What is the job of a T-model marketing expert like in practice?

Here are some examples of the work of a T-model marketer at a Digital Marketing Agency:

    • Our customer X needs a customer story for the website. If you have a background in content marketing strengths, you could be part of this client’s team, leaving the implementation of the client story on your desktop. You have previously become acquainted with the target group the customer is aiming for, so you will be able to build a clear framework for the story with the interview questions. It aims to support the acquisition of new customers and remove barriers to buying. It does not focus solely on glorifying the success of cooperation. You interview the customer and produce the text. At this point, you can take into account the search engine optimization of the content, write additional texts that we can utilize on social media channels – the update text is aimed at followers of the page who already know the companies, but you can also take into account the advertising aspects, needed to attract new customers. We also send out a regular newsletter, so the same document outlines the first version of the newsletter pick-up. If the implementation of the advertising is well underway, you can create the campaign yourself or transfer it to an agreed team member. He gets to build a campaign from ready-made content and can comment on the content based on a previous campaign.

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  • You have already worked at a digital marketing agency and you get an ecommerce customer at your disposal. You will be able to analyze clear areas of development from the reports for the development of both advertising and e-commerce. We have a minimum of 2 advertising channels in use and we can add marketing to the summary view to track e.g. the development of the visibility of the online store and website. You’ll notice from the reporting view that marketing would work better if we generated more content for Y on the website. With topic Y, the company is poorly represented and you boldly suggest a content marketing measure. If your campaign isn’t converting to ecommerce sales, you’re optimizing your existing ads. If it doesn’t seem to be producing results, consider measures that could make your advertising more effective or a different approach to marketing.
  • What if your customer is a B2B marketing customer? Here’s a good idea to understand the whole of content marketing, and then you can help plan your campaigns to support your content and visibility. It reaches the right message at the right time – new customers who don’t know the service, campaigning for those who already know how to apply for services, and remarketing for those who are already close to making a purchase.
  • You make a campaign plan for the customer. The customer has previously done FB advertising and Google Ads advertising, but the analytics of the website show that there is no growth in website traffic. Google Ads brings in visitors, but it turns out that words related to the company’s services are searched quite a bit. This therefore requires a new approach to marketing and the customer needs to increase awareness among their own target group. We suggest the client re-evaluate the plan and focus on raising awareness over the next few months.

At an SEO Company, the job is more about solving marketing challenges that support the business, rather than in-depth channel expertise. In your role, it is important to understand the customer’s business and marketing as a whole, even if you are responsible for carrying out the campaign for a particular customer. You will then be able to analyse the effectiveness of your campaign through the goals of your website. Similarly, with another customer, you are responsible for their overall design, customer communication, and marketing development. We allow customers to chat with the authors directly.
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