What is a Water Bottle Bong?

Bongs may have come into the limelight recently, but they have been around for centuries. They were initially made of bamboo, but we now have superior glass options that are more appealing to the eye and great for combustion. Smokers seem to like them too because they are discreet, and glass can handle heat better than most other conductors. 

Now, the homemade bong has made its entry into an industry known for some level of creativity. A water bottle bong is exactly as it sounds – a device fashioned from a water bottle and used for smoking marijuana products. It is not meant to be used severally, but on the one occasion – at a time – that you do not have your regular bong. 

How To Make a Water Bottle Bong at Home

To learn how to make a water bong, you need the tools first. Good thing most of them are easily available.  

  • A plastic water bottle. The standard size will suffice. 
  • Scissors or a razor blade. A sharp knife will do, too, if the two are unavailable. 
  • Ballpoint pen that you no longer use. 
  • Reasonably thick aluminum foil.
  • A needle or toothpick.
  • Some water.
  • A lighter.
  • Some weed.

This is how you go about making a homemade bong

Step 1: Remove the lid from your bottle and disassemble the ballpoint pen so you have a downstem that will draw into the bottle that will serve as your bong chamber. You will only need the cylindrical part of the pen. 

Step 2: Now, the bowl that you will pair with the downstem. Fold some of that foil, so it is thicker than usual, then place it at the bottom of the ballpoint pen cylinder. Poke three to five holes on the base you have just formed to allow in steam. This little bowl will hold the cannabis, so you want the holes to be just big enough to hold the ground weed.  

Step 3: Burn some holes just a little over midway through the plastic bottle to insert the downstem. You want the hole to be just big enough to accommodate the downstem and angled so that it reaches into the bottom of the bottle. 

Step 4: Create a carb hole on the side of the bottle and ensure that it allows you to hold the bottle perfectly. You may want to use your lighter as in the step above for uniformity. 

Step 5: Add enough water to submerge the bottom part of the downstem, and you are now ready to light it up. 

Step 6: Load up the bowl you made and insert it into the downstem.

Step 7: Using the bottle’s mouthpiece as the inhalation part, cover the carb hole with your thumb or finger and light up. You will smoke the same way you would with a regular bong, and the experience is likely to be as great.  

Alternatives for Homemade Bongs

If you think this is too much work – and it is, compared to other options, you may want a permanent solution. These are the types of bongs the market has for the regular smoker: 

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Metal.

They all have their pros and cons, but the main pro that they all share is reusability. You can use yours more than once, and the only thing you will need to do as maintenance is clean it. Glass is esthetically pleasing and will last longer if you can watch it carefully. It is also safe for combustion.  

Why Use a Water Bottle Bong

If you are away on a trip or at home with nothing else to use or are being adventurous, you may want to try this one out. As we have demonstrated, they are easy to make, and you could be putting a used bottle to good use at least once before you discard it. You may also want to try it out before getting a real bong if you are uncertain of how it works or whether it is worth the investment. 

Are Water Bottle Bongs Safe? 

Well, it’s not 100% safe, which is why it is not recommended that much. You are safer sticking to well-made glass bongs that have been checked for all safety measures, as plastic contains BPA that could alter your body’s hormonal balance and cause harm. The water bottles we speak about in this article are the regular kind that isn’t of the highest quality, and combustion leads to the release of toxins that will go straight into your lungs and bloodstream if inhaled. A water bottle bong is great for one-time use when you don’t have any other apparatus at hand or want a new experience, but outside of that, you are safer rolling up a joint or blunt.  


Now you know how to make a water bottle bong, or at least that it exists if you didn’t already. Smokers are known to come up with brilliant ideas time and again, and it helps to know some inventions are as cool as they are environment-friendly. So, think of this homemade version when you need a bong but cannot use one since you do not have it at home. 

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