What do you need to know about single-game online sports betting in Canada?

Canada and its residents have been enjoying legal sports betting for more than 30 years since the beginning of 1985. There is a recent addition of single-game betting making the residents of Canada grow to an unprecedented level. Earlier or before the introduction of single-game wagering, parlay bets and pari-mutuel gambling were the only two permitted options for betting in the country. Moreover, these betting options are available in each province of Canada and its lottery system. The introduction of single-game online sports betting is causing Canadians to seek more favorable online options and bringing an incredible hike in offshore gambling websites. One such example is sports interaction Canada, where you can find the best options to bet, understand the legalizations of online sports betting, and have a variety of options ranging from poker to various options of sports to bet for.

Single-Game Online Sports Betting

Canada is one of the largest and home to the most populous province, which all get an incredible stroll with the allotment of single-game online sports betting. After lifting the ban on single-game online sports betting and the introduction of Bill C-218, the federation AGCO has already approved 23 sportsbooks and 38 total gaming operators in Canada.


Among the ten provinces and three territories of Canada, Ontario is one of the growing markets for gambling and online sports betting. Ontario began its progress after receiving the green light for online single-game sports betting, after which the market went online to provide live interactions. Because of the fact that 90% of the Canadian population lies 100 miles from the American border, Canada’s growing betting options are now accepting various operators and the commercials of the U.S.


Parlay betting used to be the historical means of betting in Quebec. Shortly after the legalisation, Loto-Quebec [the first lottery corporation in Canada’s history announced that it would legalise single-game wagering. Now, the residents of Canada can place their single bets with the platform apart from enjoying the brick-and-mortar casinos.

British Columbia

After permitting the legalisation of single-game, British Columbia added single-game wagers to its platform. The province’s residents can now enjoy access to an online lottery, poker, casino, bingo, sports betting, and other options available at the platform- the only legal sportsbook in the province.

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