What are the steps in the communications process?

Communication, or the act of conveying information to another individual, involves a two-way process. The sender conceptualizes the idea and plans the message to be delivered. The recipient receives the message, decodes it, and gives feedback. The goal of the communication process is to transfer information and break down barriers to effective communication. The following steps in the communication cycle help the sender ensure that their intended message is received and understood.

The first stage of communication is the transmission of a message. The sender and receiver check to make sure they understand each other and that they have received the message. They can give each other feedback verbally and nonverbally. The sender can elicit feedback by asking questions. The receiver can help clarify the message by shaking their head. If the recipient can understand what the sender is saying, the communication process has been successful. And the recipient will have received the message, which is a sign of good communication.

Ending Line

The next step in the communication process is feedback. The sender must get feedback from the receiver to ensure that they have understood what they said. In other words, they must make sure that the receiver understood their message. In a situation where the receiver’s understanding is questionable, the sender can elicit feedback by asking questions to get a sense of the situation. It is also important to ensure that the receiver understands what was said to them, preferably in a language that is easy to understand.

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