Web development brief. How to prepare it?

Good brief about web development is a key to a fully successful project. What should you keep in mind while preparing one in order to make the whole project a huge success?

What is a web development brief?

A brief in general is a document, in which you put sort of a summary or a guide for someone to prepare something — a webpage, press materials or anything else. It’s a sum up of the most important goals and things you would prefer to avoid.

The web development brief is something usually expected by a web developers agency before the specialists can move on to the next steps of creating your page. It’s really important to prepare it, because it allows to match your expectations with possible solutions and work on them effectively.

What should you put in a brief?

The points of your web development brief can vary if you are working with multiple web developer agencies on more than one project, but the general idea remains the same. Keep in mind, that if you want your web to be prepared just the way you want it, it’s crucial to get all the details that the company had requested.

In general, you should put in your brief:

— information about your business — the background is really important for the agency. Try to inform them about as many details as you can think of and can share legally — describe where the idea of this kind of business came from, when did you start, how many people work with you, what do you do in general and what do you value. That’s really important and allows working on specific details, as well as prepare the person (model customer) of your company;

— target users — that’s strictly connected to the person. Try to think, who do you want to reach: young moms, pet owners, local building companies? This information is crucial when it comes to preparing a good web development brief, and it allows preparing specific solutions, which match the target;

— goals of your site — this point might require some web developers agency input, especially if you’ve never done anything like it and your company is new on the market. Exemplary goals are increase of sales, improvement of brand awareness in a specific market or leads generation and many more;

— competition — this one should be easy, especially if you exist on the market for a while. Check out your main competition and try to assess what you like and what you don’t like on their page.

Those informations are crucial, but as we mentioned — the web developers agencies will mostly let you know what they want to see in the brief. It should make your cooperation easier!

Keep things short, but not enigmatic

Remember, that your brief is one of many, which will be read by the specialist in agency. Try to not elaborate more than it is necessary to save the time of the specialist, who will be working on your page. At the same time, try to make the sentences full of information and as simple as possible to make the chances of misunderstanding as small as possible.

Properly prepared web development brief will make the chance of successful cooperation higher. Pay attention to it!

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