Video Games That Will Take You to the Future

There are loads of games out there, but none of them are quite like sci-fi titles as these games give you a glimpse of the future. You will take an active role in this future and you’ll get to make it better or worse. These sci-fi titles focus on various aspects so you’ll get a different experience with each game. In that regard, here are some video games that will take you to the future:

Fallout New Vegas

Considering the fact that a lot of countries have nuclear warheads, it’s not surprising that nuclear fallout may happen. Fallout New Vegas focuses on such a scenario. You’ll get to be a survivor looking to make the world after such a fallout a better place. You’ll get to deal with factions, mutants, and more as you complete all sorts of missions.

Las Vegas is alive and well nowadays despite the fact that most of the casino industry is online nowadays. Casino sites like  take care of the multitude of players from all over the world by providing them with their favorite games. The main thing about these sites and their games is to enjoy them responsibly.

New Vegas also has some casino establishments for you to enjoy. You will get a chance to play some classic casino games as well as some slot machines. If you’re lucky you’ll get rewards in the form of bottle caps, gear for your character, or a key to one of the suites.


This is a more tech-oriented future. That’s because everyone is being made to become a cyborg as it’s impossible to get a job without them. The Chiron Corporation rules the world and its executives are the top class. The second class is made up of Observers and the third one of everyone else. You’ll get to be an Observer in this video game and keep the executive safe. While on patrol, you’ll get a call from your son and you’ll go looking for him only to be stuck in a lockdown.

The first apartment you visit will lead you to clues that will point to a murder and that’s when things start getting interesting. As an Observer you’ll get into people’s minds and see what they hide. It’s a horror title that comes with a message at the end and you’ll need to play it to find out what the message is.


Knights of the Old Republic should be familiar to any Star Wars fan, but if you’re not familiar with this universe, you’re in for a ride. In KOTOR you’ll get to explore the Old Republic as you go from planet to planet to complete missions. You’ll get companions along the way and get to make important decisions that will lead you towards the dark or the light side of the Force. There’s just one thing, you won’t remember who you are and when you find out, you can continue down that way, or take a different approach. This is one RPG with a serious plot twist.

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