Using Films as an effective educational tool

The cinema has a great influence on the life of the human being because it brings all people closer to living adventures; it brings us closer to meeting our heroes. It also brings us closer to learning more about the history of humanity. To learn about the life and works of the great figures of different times, to learn about the mythology of the various cultures of the world, in short, the cinema brings us closer to knowledge entertainingly and pleasantly.

For many specialists, the power and impact that cinema has on the human being, on many occasions, is more powerful than attending a traditional class or reading a book. And this is natural, because knowing something new through various senses, in addition to sight and hearing, is much stronger in our mind and our memory. In the cinema near me, we not only see and hear but also we feel and participate in the feelings of the protagonists; we suffer with them, we rejoice with their joys, we are inflamed in the face of the dangers experienced and we even cry with their sadness- That leaves a great mark on us.

We also remember things more vividly and sharply. Reflection is facilitated when presenting the stories in a movie theater or on a screen. And many more benefits that the cinema gives us.

According to the Observatory of Leisure and Digital Entertainment: “Cinema, used as a source of information, allows one to delve into the study of society, learn about cultures other than one’s own (interculturality), form visions around past, present and futures (it allows us to judge, put ourselves in the role of the most relevant historical figures and ask ourselves the reason for their actions and the future of the world), get in touch with values, ideas, thoughts, attitudes, norms”.

In the same document, it is stated that “the cinema can act as an educational instrument due to the following aspects:

  • Their ability to train and inform in a relaxed and playful way. The students is not aware of being educated. For them, watching movies in class is an activity that escapes from the usual, which helps him to escape from his normal tasks in the classroom, which increases his interest and participation.
  • Helps students to resolve conflicts by presenting society (almost) as it is. It shows them the world and gives them an example of the relationships that are established in it. “We can speak, therefore, of a training cinema, whose main purpose would be to improve the knowledge of viewers”. The cinema is nothing more than the representation of what happens, has happened, or will happen in the world; it thus becomes a faithful reflection of society.

As we can see, the cinema is not only a hobby or pastime that is useful for us to fill our free time and enjoy a good rest but, using it correctly, it can be an excellent ally in the non-formal educational process of our children. and our young people, and why not, as part of our own educational training.

We invite you to allow us to take advantage of this time together at home, to get closer to the taste for the seventh art.

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