Use IP Telephony System and Australian Mobile Number for Better Business Experience

Virtual number is a rather popular solution for businesses from all over the world. You can connect to a virtual PBX in 3-5 minutes. All necessary equipment is on the side of the provider. All you have to do is to install the necessary software on stationary and mobile devices, for example, softphones. The complete configuration of the system is done by the provider of IP telephony. Such an organization is also responsible for maintaining and updating the whole system.

It’s recommended to pay attention to the Freezvon Company which offers lots of possibilities. At the same time, the IP telephony system is distinguished by its simple and convenient configuration. There is no need to wait several days or weeks for employees to get used to the new automated system. They will be able to master the Australian virtual mobile number on their own in a matter of minutes.

Reasons to choose

Thus, you get a finished project, which immediately reveals its wide potential after installation. At the same time, any set parameters can be edited for specific situations: add new numbers and turn off old ones, update call forwarding scripts, connect a voice greeting, and so on.

  • You can use both mobile phones and stationary devices. Automated IP telephony can be installed on any device: PC, smartphone, tablet, or laptop. So, you can turn the corporate mobile phones of employees into full-fledged office devices for working with a client. 
  • Setting up a forwarding option will help you not to lose a call even after working hours. If the client calls when no one is in the office, the system will transfer the call to the duty manager or offer to leave a message on voicemail.
  • Use a landline number and record a voice greeting. It will look solid and demonstrate you as a large company (even if you have a small business or work alone). You will be able to attract more calls from customers at the initial stage.
  • You can use a multichannel number, receive several calls simultaneously from external subscribers, and have a conversation with them.
  • Some customers don’t have the desire to call due to a low balance on their mobile accounts. Toll-free numbers remove this problem and allow clients to call freely. Such numbers are associated with a solid business that cares about customers. Thus, customer loyalty to your company is growing.

This solution is perfect for companies that care about image and loyalty, for organizations with remote employees, and with more than 500 calls per month. Virtual numbers bring advantages to companies with a branched structure and those, which are looking for ways to cut communication costs and become better.

Additional options

Sometimes a call can solve a lot more than any other method of communication. Freezvon Company is proud of the excellent quality of connection and competitive rates for outgoing calls. A modern office virtual PBX is not a black box for a system administrator but a well-thought-out business tool that allows a company to solve its problems more efficiently and get more profit. Each employee receives really useful and necessary communication functions.

  • Do you need to remind the client about something, send the address, or order details? It’s not a problem because you can send an SMS. Make yourself a unique sender name for the client to immediately understand who this SMS is from.
  • The practice of faxing is dying out but some companies still use faxes to transfer documents and information. Therefore, Freezvon has provided the possibility of sending a fax from the web interface.
  • A special softphone allows you to chat with colleagues and share files. Write in person or gather colleagues in a chat. Accelerate and simplify collaboration and information sharing.
  • Sometimes it happens when the issue requires a collective solution and you need a meeting room. Book a virtual meeting room in the usual way via the virtual number tools and start a conference.

This is about the cloud service that does not require hardware to connect. You can quickly start working with clients and the Freezvon number will provide stable communication quality.

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