Types of Landscaping Services

Landscapes have many different facets. If you want your property to look its best, you’ll need to know the different types of landscaping services available. These services range from Lawn mowing to lawn fertilization and over seeding. Keeping up with them can help you make the most of your property’s aesthetics. Read on to learn more. We have listed some of the more common types of landscaping services. Then you can decide which one you want.

Lawn Mowing

There are many reasons to hire a Calgary landscaping service, from saving you time and money to the satisfaction of your customers. You can save money by not having to buy expensive lawn mowers or other tools. However, if you have a green thumb and want to have a nice looking yard, you should consider taking advantage of lawn mowing services. A lawn care provider will also suggest the right kinds of flowers and shrubs for your lawn.

Lawn Fertilization

When it comes to caring for your lawn, fertilization is an important aspect. Fertilizers are essential for the health of your grass, providing essential nutrients and nitrogen to the roots. A properly fertilized lawn is greener and thicker, resistant to daily use and bald spots, and less prone to pests. Lawn fertilization services are also available from landscaping companies, such as Divine Design Landscaping. The finest landscape projects begin with a great plan and come to life with exceptional execution, only at Landscaping.

Pest Control

Among the many services provided by a landscaping company is pest control. There are hundreds of different insect species that eat plants and trees. If you’re not familiar with which of these species are causing the damage to your lawn, you may not know that you have a problem until you’ve noticed brown spots, wilting grass, and visible bite marks on the grass blades. Professional landscapers like Project Landscape know how to identify the most common pests and how to prevent them from ruining your yard.

Over Seeding

Overseeding landscaping services add additional seeds to the existing lawn, making the whole area look lush and green. Overseeding is not the same as spot seeding, which only adds a few seeds to one section. In overseeding, the landscaper looks at the entire lawn for any bare spots or bald spots and then seeds those areas accordingly. In addition, he or she will aerate the soil before seeding the lawn, as this will enable the seeds to penetrate the ground more easily. Additionally, overseeding increases the thickness of turf and roots, thus preventing weeds from growing.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

In addition to pruning trees, tree and shrub pruning is a vital part of keeping your property looking great. Ideally, you should have your trees and shrubs pruned at certain times of the year. It is best to have heavy pruning performed during the dormant season, although minor shaping can be done anytime. A commercial landscaping contractor can provide this service and has the proper equipment to complete it correctly. However, if you are not sure whether or not you should hire a professional, here are some tips:

Lawn Renovation

When you want to have a lush and beautiful lawn, you can hire a landscaping service to renovate your lawn. A professional can handle a variety of tasks, including aeration, dethatching, pruning, and more. The most common issues a landscaping service can fix are dead spots, bare spots, weed infestations, and fungus problems. Lawn renovation is also an option if your lawn has complex problems. A lawn that has been neglected or doesn’t receive enough water and fertilizer will eventually need replanting.

Holiday Lighting

If you enjoy the ambiance of Christmas season, you should consider hiring a professional company to add some holiday lighting to your property. Unlike stringing your own lights, which can be a challenge in cold weather, professionals can help you make your home look as beautiful as possible. To add some holiday cheer, consider a full-service holiday light package from College Fund Landscaping. This company covers Allen, McKinney, and Plano.

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