Top 5 Biggest Colorado Airports

The Southwestern part of America is famous for the beautiful region of Colorado. This state attracts millions of tourists every year because of its good climate, mountainous terrain and ancient history. 

Its main distinguishing feature is the solitude with nature, which is appreciated by many people from all over the world. They have the same goal: to get rid of the monotony of life. Here, nature is untouched by man. Forests, fields, mountains, lakes and rivers – all this is preserved without the influence of human resources.

Traveling all these regions on public transport is simply impossible. For this reason, we recommend that you contact van rental denver airport, so you can easily see all the amazing natural wonders in this region.

The Denver International Airport

One of the largest airports in Colorado is the Denver International Airport. It is a real world center, where tourists from all over the world come to see the beauties of the region with the help of rent a cheap car in Denver. This airport reaches a whopping 33,531 acres and is the 20th busiest airport in the world as of 2020 behind New York and Los Angeles.

Through this airport, both domestic and international flights to various exotic destinations are realized.

Tourists choose this airport because of its mobility: it is located 15 km from the cultural and historical center of Denver. There are many taxis at the entrance, but we recommend that you use Denver car rental. The following question arises: where should you go in a rented car after staying at the airport? You should visit the main attractions of Denver. We wish you to get only positive emotions from your vacation here.

City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport

The City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport covers 7,200 acres and hosts many tourists, but only operates domestic flights. Tourists from different states come here at various times of the year, enjoying the mobility of the airport and its location.

This airport has undergone a renovation and can now receive more than 5,000 tourists from all over America every hour, since several additions were made to it in 2011. In connection with this, a lot of additional exits appeared in this airport. Rent a van USA and don’t worry about your travels in Colorado. Feel real comfort.

Grand Junction Regional Airport

Grand Junction Regional Airport comprises 2,357 acres. He provides that tourists can move freely around the airport and not get lost. This is the most large airport in the western part of Colorado, which has many buildings so that passengers do not crowd and have different exits. Leisure lovers can rent headphones here and relax in a comfortable armchair. You can also visit Duty Free by buying a nice souvenir from the state of Colorado in the format of a beautiful mug or fridge magnet.

This airport is new and it has different places to have a good meal, as well as interesting entertainment for children while waiting for a flight: playrooms, labyrinths, etc. We seriously recommend this airport to you.

Aspen-Pitkin County Airport

Aspen-Pitkin County Airport serves as the most comfortable and convenient airport for tourists who are planning a trip to the wonderful city of Aspen. It is worth coming here in winter, because it is at this time of the year that there is a lot of entertainment for tourists from all over the world! It is the snowy mountains that attract millions of people every year. They live in chalets in the mountains, five-star hotels and enjoy their holidays.

Before seeing the city, tourists are surprised at the sight of an unstoppable airport that has to serve a lot of people. However, the owners of the airport took this issue seriously and divided the airport into several blocks, building a new one. So, people do not create crowds and get real comfort right at the airport.

Cortez Municipal Airport 

This airport is in last place among the largest airports in Colorado. It operates only three flights: one to Colorado and two to Arizona. There are many private planes of American businessmen who fly to this airport and walk around the beautiful places of Colorado.

However, although the airport is small, it is spacious and can accommodate up to 1000 people at the same time. It is quite mobile, but its main disadvantage is that it operates domestic flights.


In this article, we analyzed the largest airports in Colorado. Each of them is unique in its own way and receives many passengers every year. Almost all of them have one main goal – to see the superiority of this wonderful region.

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