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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Install Plantation Shutters In Your Home

Have you been wondering about how to furnish your windows? Imagine this: You live in beautiful Australia in a nice little neighbourhood with a beautiful view. You will always want to look out the window or enjoy the scenery from your room. But keeping your curtains drawn the entire time can make your home too hot. Solution? Planation shutters in Australia.

These durable window coverings give your home extra shade and help it stay cool. However, that is not all; shutters have many other benefits, making them an excellent choice for window furnishing. So, read on to find out more:

  • They Enhance Your Home’s Looks

Shutters are best for covering large window panes or glass doors. And once you see how beautiful they make your home look, your perception of window furnishings is bound to change entirely.

They give your home a timeless look and a comfortable feel. So, you can choose from wide varieties like:

  • Bi-fold panels
  • Sliding panels
  • Combination of fixed and movable systems

These varieties make sure that you have shutters that suit your needs while enhancing your home’s looks. In fact, many people even use them as dividers for internal spaces.

  • Your Home Is Safer With Them

While installing anything in your house, safety is one of your top concerns, and window furnishings are no exception. So, these shutters are one of the safest options you could go for since:

  • They are resistant to water; hence, you can install them in any room of your home without any worries. Unlike curtains, these do not have to be put out to dry and do not dampen your walls.
  • According to the Fire and Rescue Department of Australia, they respond to nearly 4500 residential fires every year. So, you would not want your home to be one of those, and hence, good insulation is a necessity. Shutters are made of insulating material, unlike curtains and are safer for your home.
  • Shutters are also made of non-toxic material. Thus, they are among the safest window furnishing options. 
  • They Give You Privacy and Light Control

Shutters are great for furnishing large windows as they give you a lot of control over it. Unlike traditional curtains, you can control how much you want to open shutters. And this functionality gives your home many benefits, such as:

  • You can open them according to how much sunlight you want in your rooms. Hence, you have control over the amount of light entering and can keep it cool. 
  • Since you have control over how much the shutters open, you can also control privacy. Instead of opening completely, shutters always cover the windows to some extent. Thus, you can enjoy sunlight in your private space. 

Shutters come with a tilt system; some of them may have it connected to an external rod or connectors, while others may use a hidden system that lends better looks and lasts longer. 

Shutters are made of high-grade polymers and are incredibly durable. They are designed to minimise warping, cracking, and peeling. Also, they are made with the finest workmanship that suits harsh Australian weather conditions. Thus, they last longer and function better. Besides, unlike traditional curtains, plantation shutters also do not grow mould and are much safer for your health. And they give your bedroom more shade, so you do not have to worry about your rooms becoming too hot in the summer. 

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