The importance of a healthy living after an accident

For everyone it is important to live healthy. But we live fast, this means no breakfast or a quick sandwich in the morning. Lunch consists of a greasy snack and in the evening a ready meal because you still have an important appointment. We pay less attention to our diet, even though it is so important to us.

A healthy lifestyle is therefore healthy for everyone. But especially if you got injured by a collision or industrial accident and have sustained injuries. A personal injury lawyer, such as a personal injury lawyer in Utrecht (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Utrecht) can tell you all about this.

Healthy eating after an injury accident

A rear-end collision, an accident at work or a dog bite. Injuries can be sustained in various ways. If you suffer damage as a result, you can claim compensation. In the Netherlands, a personal injury lawyer (Dutch: letselschade advocaat) can be engaged for this free of charge.

One of the damage items after an accident are medical costs. People often immediately think of costs that must be incurred for a doctor. Or the costs of a physiotherapist or psychologist. But did you know that costs for food are also eligible for reimbursement? This is to improve the health of the injury victim.

After an accident, a victim must rehabilitate. Nutrition is also very important here. For example, it is important to eat more protein after a wound. Eating protein properly promotes wound healing.

In addition to eating proteins, research shows that eating enough vegetables is important for good rehabilitation after an accident. Vitamins and minerals also ensure that you quickly become stronger and that injuries heal faster.

Who pays for damage to health?

Damage to health often occurs as a result of a traffic accident or an industrial accident. From whiplash, bruises to fractures. This health damage can lead to financial damage, for example because you have become incapacitated for work due to a traffic accident. Or because many medical costs are incurred due to a fall from a ladder at work. Financial loss as a result of an accident is called personal injury. This damage must be compensated by the other party, at least if this party is liable for your personal injury.

Often those who cause an accident are insured against liability. For example, in many countries there is an insurance obligation for holders of a motor vehicle. Employers also often have insurance in case an employee is injured while performing his or her job. And dog owners are liable for damage caused by the dog.

Damage items as a result of damage to health

Damage to health can even lead to disability. Then there will be loss of income. But health damage can also result in many medical costs such as treatments from a doctor, psychologist or physiotherapist. All these costs must be reimbursed.

Other damage items in the event of health damage are travel costs to and from a practitioner, household help and costs incurred for garden maintenance because you are no longer able to do this yourself due to the injury.

An accident can therefore lead to health damage and it is always good to investigate who is liable for your damage.

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