The Best Australian Cloud Hosting Service Providers

Many Australian businesses are already enjoying the benefits that cloud hosting has to offer, including greater scalability, reliability, security and disaster recovery features. If you are running a large, corporate website or a busy e-commerce site, you may also wish to consider moving to a cloud hosting solution, presuming you have not already done so. In addition to providing a rock-solid foundation for your commercial website, a cloud hosting solution can also be used to host mission-critical web applications that are used on a daily basis by your employees and customers.

But where should you go if you want to find the very best cloud services in Australia for commercial web hosting? There are many service providers you may like to check out but those listed below are the companies we consider to be the top 5 choices right now. Start your search with these service providers if you would like to save a little time.

5 great cloud hosting service providers in Australia

Some of these companies specialise in the Australian market and some are global giants in the cloud computing industry. All of them offer excellent cloud hosting services in our opinion.

  1.  Web24 — Web24 provides a range of enterprise cloud hosting solutions for businesses across Australia. These businesses include well-known names such as AusPost, RMIT and Kmart. However, they also offer packages aimed at smaller businesses: cloud VPS hosting packages with both self-managed and managed options. Whether you are running a large commercial site with a global reach or a small e-commerce site aimed primarily at the domestic market in Australia, you should be able to find a Web24 package that meets your needs.
  2. AWS (Amazon Web Services) — As the largest global cloud computing service provider, AWS needs little introduction. For larger commercial organisations and government agencies, the cloud hosting packages provided by this service provider are an excellent choice. With a number of Australian server locations and a global network of data centres, AWS is able to provide state-of-the-art cloud hosting services to all types of commercial and government organisations.
  3. DigitalPacific — DigitalPacific is another Australian-based cloud service provider that offers cloud hosting plans to businesses of all sizes. These plans include VPS and CDN solutions as well as fully-featured cloud hosting packages. Because they primarily offer tailor-made solutions, you will need to contact them to find out how competitive they are as far as your particular requirements are concerned.
  4. Google Cloud — In common with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google operates a global cloud computing network that includes Australian-based servers, albeit on a smaller scale. Despite their smaller size, they are equally capable of meeting the needs of Australia’s biggest businesses when it comes to cloud hosting services.
  5. Alibaba Cloud — Last but not least on our list is Alibaba, who also maintain Australian-based data centres as part of their global cloud computing network. Alibaba provides cloud hosting services to many businesses in Australia and around the world.

Any of these 5 service providers should be able to offer your Australian business a cloud hosting package that meets all of your needs.

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