Ten of the most famous world logos

The creation of the perfect well-known logo isn’t an easy feat. But, based on the experiences of the past century, a lot of the most well-known logos were designed totally through accident. This article you’ll discover ten logos all of the world has heard about.

What is a logo?

The term “logo” is often used to refer to a name symbol or trademark that is designed for making a company recognized. Logos are visual representation of the core of a business. It is comprised of the form of a symbol, an illustration or graphic print. Professionally designed logos have numerous advantages. The primary function of a logo is to draw the attention of potential customers, therefore it plays an the ability to be influential. It is because of it that the initial and last impression of potential customers is created.

A professional logo will draw new customers and establish an image of a positive brand. It increases confidence and is available to serve you throughout the day. The logo is at the heart of the brand’s identity.

Logos that are not recognizable and descriptions of them


In the beginning the well-known “apple” was striped. The first logo was designed by Rob Janow in 1976. Two decades after, the logo altered, and eventually changed into the shape we are all familiar with today.


The word “googol” is a one followed by 100 zeros. This word was the foundation of the name. Even though it was written with an error, the authors didn’t alter any aspect of the word. The creator of Google’s logo Google logo is also one of the founders of the Google website, Sergey Brin. The original version was altered twice in 1999.


The world-famous logo was designed almost 50 years ago . It was designed by Jim Schindler. It was initially a simple design with two golden arches that formed the”M “M”. Six years later the company’s name appeared on the design. Since this time the design hasn’t changed in any way.


The logo was designed by Caroline Davidson in 1971. The well-known “tick” was not her first thought. The young woman sketched several ideas. Based on the story the designer, unhappy with her drawings, drew a scribble across the paper in anger, and then drew the word “swoosh”. It is interesting that the shareholders decided to go with this idea. The founder of the company himself was skeptical of the idea. Carolina Davidson received only $37 for her design. Who would have thought that a few years later , this logo would achieve world-wide fame…


The badge that is associated with Adidas was designed by the founder of the business, Edie Dassler. The 3-Stripes brand first utilized in 1967. Following that, the logo was altered four times, with each one retaining the identical three stripes.

Coca Cola

A very famous logos was created by a close friend of the man who founded Coca-Cola, Frank Robinson, an accountant by profession. More than 100 decades have gone by since that time and in the beginning, nobody could have imagined that the logo would be an icon amongst the most costly and well-known in the world.


The logo’s first version was created in 1906. The equivalent of the current version (a circle with white ribbon) was developed in the year 1950.

The Pepsi logo has a long-standing history. It was first introduced in the year 1898. In the beginning, Pepsi was in competition with its closest competitor Coca Cola. The initial Pepsi logo was inspired by a typeface with a curly red color that was identical to Coca Cola’s style. Later, text as well as a spherical design was added to the design but the typeface was not altered.

The spherical shape will continue to be a feature of the design even today. The reason behind the spherical design of the logo was the desire of the company integrate The Original Pure Food Drink slogan in the logo.

After 1945 Pepsi modified its brand logo for its bottles and painted with patriotic colors to show its support of US Army. US Army. Later in the 60s, its logo went through more radical modifications. The first time around, the logo features an elongated bottle cap.

In the year 1991, Pepsi redesigned their logo with a smaller spherical form and putting their logo on the upper left corner. In 1991, the word Pepsi was boldly written in uppercase. Blue and red continued dominating in the Pepsi logo, and there was returning to White as the base color.

The current Pepsi Globe logo has a smiley face design. It’s still using the colors from 1998, but there has been styles and fonts changed. According to the design team the logo is supposed to symbolize the entire world.


The logo was created in the name of Paul Rand. Paul Rand wanted to design one logo that would be synonymous with trust. The origins for the IBM logo started with an intricate and lengthy merger of three companies: ITR, CSC, CTR. After the reshuffle was completed, the newly formed company was named International Business Machines.

As of the forties of the previous century IBM changed its focus to their primary business now – computers. Prior to that, they invented the majority of things in a row, including machines to cut meat. The changing times required a brand new logo that was easy to comprehend and simple as opposed to the confusing logos prior to. The last major overhaul of the logo came out in 1972. In order to convey speed and energy those monolithic words were stripe as well as painted in blue.


The person who created Puma’s logo Puma brand was person who founded this brand Rudolf Dassler. According to him, the products produced by his company must be in line with the traits of a cat. They represent the speed, endurance, agility as well as dexterity and flexibility. He believed that the same attributes should be found when you move like athletes. Good equipment and high-quality clothes can help anyone succeed and become more robust.


The cute bunny has grown much bigger since 1953 the year it first appeared on the cover the magazine for men with the identical name. Today, he’s the most well-known feature across the globe and proudly wears many items and clothing.

Tattoos are even made with his image , and it’s impossible to not recognize his image. A half-hour dedicated on Arthur Pohl on creating the logo earned him international recognition and the title as art director for the magazine.

We talked about the top ten logos, and the background behind their development. Most of the time the creators didn’t even have a formal knowledge. However, this didn’t hinder them from creating iconic logos that the entire world is aware of. Maybe it can work for you as well. Dare!

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