Questions before breast augmentation surgery

Breasts are essential for the confidence of both women and men, so let’s get to know silicone breast augmentation prostheses. including breast surgery Which is made from small to large and from large to small and some are satisfied with the size But it is done to correct sagging, flabby, in some cases. 

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For example, patients with breast cancer will have new breast augmentation. After breast surgery it can be done the world today. It’s a world without gender. Therefore, there are men who want to be women and can have breasts. At the same time, there are women who want to be men and therefore cut off their breasts. Some men have breasts that are too big. not being confident in yourself came to cut and reduce the size of the breast. While some women have blind nipples, big nipples, wide breasts, they come to fix it while liposuction. From other parts of the body, collected and injected with milk. Can’t really do it. Let’s hear the details maru gujarat.

  The point of the breast augmentation wound is not sad, choose the right point.

  Breast surgery with artificial breast bags There are three commonly used wounds:

  • Wound around the base of the breast (Inframammary Fold; IMF)
  • Axillary wound (TransAxillar; TA)
  • Ulcer around the areola (Periareolar)

Pros and cons of the wound around the breast base (InfraMammary Fold; IMF) because this area is a wound that is more commonly used nowadays. because it can adjust the position of the breast base well Cut through the cavity and can be clearly seen, can be used for surgery to correct or change the silicone easily and can also hide the wound under the base of the breast But the disadvantage is that in some cases, scars around the base of the breast It may become obvious if the wound is poorly positioned. too high or too low Or there may be abnormal scars such as raised, dark or wide scars under

  Pros and cons of armpit wounds (TransAxillar; TA) The advantage of the armpit wound is that if the scar heals without any complications, it will be a scar that is almost invisible. But for breast augmentation techniques It is often difficult to see directly, therefore correcting the abnormality of the breast tissue. or difficult to remove the breast meat cavity, adjusting the level of the breast base Or in the case of surgery to correct fascia, it is often very difficult to do as well. Another risk case is that the armpit area has a lymphatic tract. If something goes wrong may cause lymph leakage or inflammation more often than other methods

  Pros and cons of the wound around the areola Periareolar wound around the areola has the advantage of being able to augment the breasts along with breast lifting and reducing the size of the areola. But there is a risk of scarring around the areola. It may also affect the feeling of the nipple area. and can affect breastfeeding as well. It is less popular nowadays. It is often used in conjunction with a lifting procedure or a case with a large areola.

  Facts about breast implants

Where can breast implants be placed on the breast?

Breast surgery with breast implants Divide the main techniques according to the anatomy of the breasts:

  1. Put over the muscle. is put directly under the milk (subglandular) and put under the tissue layer Covered under the breast tissue (Subfascial)
  2. Put under the muscle. (subpectoral) is placed under the large muscles in the front of the chest.
  3. The dual plane is the upper half of the breast sac. under the muscle The bottom half of the breast implant is under the breast tissue.

artificial breast shrimp Which layer is the best

Every method has pros and cons. There is no best way depending on the thickness of the milk, skin quality, size of silicone and needs are more or less natural, etc.

The pros and cons of wearing over the muscles are usually less painful Shorter recovery time Because there is no muscle cutting, but it may not look natural. Because I can see the ridge Obviously agree with the upper breast especially those who have less milk and poor skin quality including in the long term may appear to have obvious streaks And may cause twin milk problems more easily than other methods as well

  The pros and cons of wearing under the muscle Breast augmentation by under-muscle breast implants usually looks more natural. There is less chance of seeing the ridge and the upper edge, the breast mound looks more beautiful, and the chance of having twin breasts is less. but there are limitations because slicing may cause more pain and it takes longer to recuperate Because the muscles are limited in stretching. Therefore making it possible to put a breast implant bag Large size is difficult to do. In addition, if you move the muscles Or exert a lot of strength on the shoulder, arm, you may be able to see the movement of the silicone bag.

  The pros and cons of subcapsulation under the muscle implantation of breast implants in the north half submuscular limb It is an increasingly popular technique as it also shows the natural milk mound. not clear border and reduce movement of breast implants If using the arm shoulder until there is a severe contraction of the muscles but because of this method Muscular cuts are required. and the necessary udder removal It requires more muscle cutting and removal of the breast than above-muscle breast augmentation.

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