Playing Credit Card Roulette: Yes Or No?

A night out with friends is something everyone is stoked about, and it doesn’t even matter where you end up hanging out. A nice dinner is sometimes the destination, but the fun and laughs may end when the night is over and the server brings the bill.

All friend groups are different and have a system for how the bill is paid. Some decide to pay by how much individually they ate and drank, while others divide the bill equally. However, certain friend groups implement credit card roulette, a little game of chance to see who will pay the entire sum.

To be clear, this isn’t an online game, nor are you part of an Australian online casino PayPal site.

So, if you want to know the ins and outs of credit card roulette, follow us as we explain how and when is the perfect setting to play it with friends.

How to Play & Pay Credit Card Roulette

The game of credit card roulette is pretty simple, and most of the time, it is played amongst friends when they are on a night out at a restaurant or nightclub. Every group member takes out their credit or debit card (whatever payment option they have), they are all placed in a hat, and the server is asked to come.

The server is then asked to draw a card from the hat without looking and put the whole bill on that card. While this is the main version of the game, groups of friends put a little twist on it by telling the server to pick out every card, one by one, and the last that is left pays the bill.

One big common thing is if you are bringing the server into the game, make sure to leave a generous tip for their assistance.

The Origin of Credit Card Roulette

There is no clear record as to when credit card roulette was invented nor when and why so many people today love the game on a night out. However, many say that Jerry Ossip is the one to blame for the paying roulette.

This famous gambler would play the game on his own. It has been said that he would go out to eat at a restaurant, and when the time came to pay, he would call the server and make them choose one of his credit cards. He would tell the server that one of the credit cards is canceled while the rest are working.

The twist was that if the server picked a valid card, they would get a generous tip. But if they chose the canceled card, they would have to pay for Ossip’s meal. These stories date back to the 60s, and allegedly quite a lot of servers would play with Ossip.

Where and When Should You Play

You should never pressure someone to play if they feel uncomfortable or don’t want to risk it. Also, there are times when you are out with a mixed group of friends, and you won’t know everyone attending that night.

Plus, there will be times when you don’t know if a person in the group is ready financially to pay the whole bill, so avoid pressuring or persuading them to play.

The ideal setting will be on a night out with friends who like the game of chance and are ready to spice things up while being financially capable.

Closing Remarks

This fun little game can be a perfect way to round out a night out with friends. Next time you are out and about, bring the idea up but don’t push for it.

See if everyone agrees, and at the end of the night, stack up the credit cards and feel the rush!

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