With the advent of online casinos, players can comfortably play their favorite games from any location with a stable internet source. Since these are virtual games, the modes of interaction between players and dealers in some games have also changed. Before online casinos, the only way to play classic games like poker and roulette was at brick-and-mortar casinos; their differences are more evident than in games like slots.  There isn’t much difference between an online casino dealer and a regular dealer in a physical casino. The only difference is that an online casino dealer deals in cards virtually and manages other functions through the user interface. Here are the key differences between a live and online casino dealer.


A casino dealer runs the game by interacting with players, explaining the house rules of the game, methods of play, odds, and so on. A dealer is a person versed with the game’s entirety, so they can adequately articulate all necessary information about that game and monitor how players act to prevent cheating. The dealer is strategically located at the center of the game to get a natural feel for the psychology of players. Originally, dealers were only available at bricks and mortar casinos. Still, with the rise of online casinos corresponding to newer opportunities, casino game dealing is now done virtually.


  1. The dealer runs the game physically in live casino games. In physical games, if one plays roulette, the live dealer will physically spin the wheel or deal the cards at blackjack or poker. However, for online dealers, the players run the show. Online games are video game copies of the real thing. Hence, a player can pause the game and continue at their earliest convenience.
  2. Another central area of difference between the online and physical casino dealers is that it is only with a live dealer that players can enjoy the social interaction or bantering aspect of the casino games. Since artificial intelligence runs online games, it would not be easy to achieve the same state of social banter that a live dealer will give.
  3. Live games do not require the random number generator RNG software that online casino games run on for their simulations.
  4. It is more expensive to have a live dealer than a virtual one. The expense would include money to set up the casino studio and pay the dealer, but an online casino extinguishes these costs.

Despite these significant differences, it is not unheard of that a virtual casino will offer a live dealer that can interact actively with players. Casinos offering this rare feature will display it boldly on their homepage to attract more players.

How do Online Casino Dealers work?

The first thing is that the dealer in an online casino will not have to personally deal with the money or be required to make any calculations. In an online casino, the computer runs all measures automatically. Aside from this, in online casinos, the dealer cannot see the players, but they can see you. The online casino broadcasts the games in a studio via a webcam. Therefore, while the players communicate with you through the chat box feature, you will answer through a microphone. The studio houses two big screens, one for reading the chat messages sent by players and another displaying the players’ names. An online dealer must be knowledgeable of all the features and rules of the game, effectively articulating this information to the player. Dealer ensures that the game displays a sense of transparency and fairness. Aside from showing these, dealers must ensure that there is no form of misconduct


It is crucial to establish several casino dealers: Live Blackjack dealers, Roulette dealers, and Online Poker game dealers. As a result, the casino dealer is probably the most popular figure in a casino. Typically, the dealer is tasked with dealing cards, rolling dice or spinning the table, etc. However, a dealer’s duties go beyond this. They include the following:

  • Calculating

Games like blackjack and roulette require a mathematically skilled dealer. Hence, the online casino dealer must be able to calculate the winnings of all the players in seconds, based on their various plays. The dealer must have excellent mental efficiency. It will help him not get confused with the game’s dynamics.

  • Skillful

A dealer must comfortably handle the chips and cards. Players must not be able to detect any suspicious actions in their movements. It’ll be a mistake for a dealer to turn the card ahead of time or calculate the wrong amount of chips. A terrible dealer will give the online casino a lousy reputation. The dealer’s movements must be skillful and meticulous.

  • Sociable

A dealer must be socially inept,  so even though they cannot interact with the players regarding their strategies, they can interact with the players themselves. A dealer ensures that the players are comfortable,  clarifies any misconceptions, and attends to their requests.  Generally,  casino dealers make the experience more social and exciting.

  • Professional

The most important attribute of a dealer is professionalism. A dealer cannot afford to get carried away with emotions even though he is familiar with the players on the seat. He will know the rules, strategies, and possible pitfalls that a player can get into to guide them.


From the preceding, it is evident that a casino dealer plays a huge role in the running of classic casino games for various reasons. So being a dealer goes beyond just being able to roll a ball or shuffle cards; a dealer must be able to actively engage and keep the players interested hence, why even online casinos had to introduce online dealers to energize and revolutionize the gambling experience for their players.

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