Natural Travertine for Modern Kitchen

The interior of a modern home is crucial to the overall feeling, consisting of vision, functionality, and comfort. A variety of details in the furniture play a significant role, adding finishing touches to the design and practicality that of your home. 

What is the most important part of your home? Some people may argue that it is the living room. Maybe it’s true, when you have the feeling of a seamless flow with your kitchen. However, the kitchen is the most important part of the home. Everyone wants to have a beautiful kitchen that is inviting and warm.

You can check the tiles by Saturnia Travertini Montemerano Classico, which can make every interior aristocratic, warm and beautiful. If you want to learn more about this gorgeous natural material and its application in your kitchen, keep reading this article.

We will discuss the features and characteristics of kitchen countertops and the tiles that you can use for the kitchen flooring. We will look at the pros and cons of different materials and compare them. 

Kitchen Countertops 

Choosing the right countertop for your kitchen is just as important as is choosing the cupboards and the flooring. You will be spending a lot of time in this room, and you will be seeing your kitchen frequently, so you have to feel comfortable with it. Let’s see some of the kitchen options for countertops. 

Solid wood-glued countertops

These are kitchen countertops made of wedge-shaped wooden pieces. By their structure, they offer strength and stability over time. The price of solid wood-glued countertops is higher than that of other options, and the choice of different colors is minimized due to the naturalness of the material. Because of their natural origin, they are not particularly resistant to heavy chemicals and detergents. However, they are completely hygienic and can withstand frequent moisturization. Their maintenance is somewhat hard and requires more effort. Their surface does not withstand a hot pan, for example, and quickly deform.They can very easily be scratched inadvertently.

Natural stone

The kitchen countertop made of natural stone falls in the middle and high price range. Natural stone countertops, including travertine tops, are characterized by their beautiful, sophisticated look. Travertine is by far the best-looking one. However, you can find some gorgeous marble and even some granite slabs that can be used as a countertop. Extremely easy to maintain, except for wine and vinegar stains. They absorb into the stone and affect its appearance and structure. Both: solid wood-glued countertops and natural stone are not resistant to cleaning with heavy detergents and chemicals. Natural stone countertops can’t get easily scratched, and their surface remains gorgeous for a long time. However, if you place a hot pan directly on the stone, its surface could get damaged and will change its appearance and structure. The choice of colors is not infinite, but there is a wide variety of textures.

Technical stone

We climb up the price ladder at the kitchen countertops. Technical stone countertops have a higher price. Made of about 90% natural quartz crystals mixed with a small percentage of resins that act as binders, they are resistant to high temperatures, and scratches. They are easy to maintain and clean. They can also be cleaned with strong detergents and chemicals, and the appearance of the stone will not change. 

Today, technical stone is gaining more and more popularity, and it is becoming more common, especially in modern interiors, relying on quality, design and practicality. The development of technology in the manufacture of technical stone countertops allows a large selection of colors and shades. Like all countertops listed so far, the technical stone does not allow placing a hot pan directly on its surface.

Travertine Floor for the Kitchen 

Travertine is considered, by far, one of the best materials for the kitchen floor. You can find exceptional quality travertine tile solutions offered by Saturnia Travertini. Your kitchen will have an aristocratic, timeless, evergreen look, and you will be able to enjoy the warm feeling of your kitchen for decades to come. The porous structure of the stone reminds of centuries past – the ancient times when the Colosseum was built. This stone was utilized by our ancestors and was considered suitable for nobility. It is easy to maintain as a floor, and it will only become more beautiful as it ages. 

In Conclusion… 

Regardless of what you choose for your kitchen countertop, remember that this part of your home will be one of the most used ones. It must be comfortable and warm and suitable for your everyday needs. You can use natural materials or go for the technical stone option, which is somewhat expensive but durable. It doesn’t matter what kind of countertop you choose – you can always combine it with beautiful travertine tiles as flooring or another accent in your kitchen. 

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