Why LogWork Time Tracking Software with Screen Monitoring Is a Must for Your Business?

How Time Tracking Software has changed the way of working remotely?

Due to the increase in technology and the Internet, our way of working has also been changed, and it has also improved the chances of employment among professionals. Besides this, it has also helped people improve their business as they can easily find staff or a remote worker for their company.

Time tracking software has changed the work-life of remote employees and has proven much advantageous for them. It helps them to record worked hours for billing, payroll, or other functions in a particular business, and they can record the time spent on assigned tasks.

In this case, the time tracking software plays a vital role for both remote workers and employers. Now, we will discuss all  the time tracking software details.

Benefits of LogWork Time Tracking Software

Best for work from home, remote teams, in-house teams, and freelancers

LogWork plays the best role for the employees working from home and remote teams to check their productivity. It gives confidence to employees to take ownership of their workload by tracking their time, and they get to know about their performance for each task.

Empowering the team and increasing productivity

It helps to engage the team with their productivity and allows them to feel empowered for their project and work schedules. It organizes employee workload better and delivers maximum efficiency.

Screen Monitoring Feature

The screen monitoring feature provided by LogWork can increase the overall productivity. The intervals when the software takes the screenshots can be individually set in your account. Each screenshot contains data related to the activity tracking and employees’ display screenshots.

Reduce functional cost by 35%

LogWork helps to increase staff productivity by 25% and saves lots of time. The functional cost gets reduced by 35% as employees are working from home, so infrastructure cost, electricity cost, parking cost, etc., are also reduced.

Complete transparency in the workplace

It creates transparency and accountability between the employees and employers. It also tracks employees’ attendance, absences, human resource issues, payroll, etc.

Real-time login, logout, working, and idle time

LogWork time tracking software enhances accountability, and shows the actual time login, logout, and working the idle time. It makes the record in the database and documents the time it takes to finish each task.

Increase in employee centre of attention and output:

Tracking time can increase employee’s centre of attention, so it helps them to concentrate on their projects. They can check the time taken on each task, and keep in check which practices caused the wastage of time.


It overlooks the business functions, and records the time consumed on each project. Time tracking software is budget-friendly as it saves money and minimizes the extra expenditures that occur on business projects.

Identify areas of improvement

How far the employee is but with the help of time tracking software, you can quickly identify the area of improvement for your employees. It helps you to get a clear picture of work practices and how to improve them.

Therefore, investing in time tracking software is profitable for business purposes. Employers can analyze every facet of the workday of their remote employees, increase their productivity and achieve organizational goals.

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