Know the details of online casino marketing

Once upon a time, people used to go to the land based casinos for gambling and playing casino games. Some of the land based casinos have also added hotels and restaurants to their venue to meet the demand of the outstation clients. But the entire scenario changed with the advent of the Internet in the market. People started playing casino games sitting from the comfort of their home or office computer and there was no need of going to the land based casinos. To keep up with the trend, many land based casinos have opened their website version so that the players can play online. In addition to these many online casinos have come up in the market.

The change in trend continued with the advent of the Smartphone in the market. Almost every Smartphone has been equipped with the technology of playing casino games. People carrying a Smartphone can play casino games at any place and at any time of the day. With the increase in demand of Smartphone, the popularity of the online casino games has started increasing.

If you are new to the world of online casino games, you must be careful about choosing the right casino platform for playing. You must know that not all online casinos are genuine and many have earned a bad name for running away with people’s money. Hence you must go to those online casinos which gives the best offers. If you play through a good casino, not only your money will be safe, but you will also get some good tips from reputed players. Do some extensive research before you join a particular casino and start playing by putting in some money.

With the huge rise in the number of online casinos, the concept of marketing in the industry is going through a sea change. Let us have a look at the factors which have initiated the changes in marketing of online casinos.

We all know that there are 4 P’s of marketing and these are promotion, product, place and price. In the modern era of marketing, these things needed to fall in place and the online casino companies must look into more things in order to survive in this huge competitive market. First, you should look into the position area. What will be demographics of the games which are being played? Will the facilities offered and the products given match in those areas? The Stratosphere located in Las Vegas is a good example of that. The catchment area and the location of the property were not taken into account while developing the casino. The Cairns Casino located in Australia is another good example of that. The casino was developed at a price of $200 million and the clientele was limited to local population of 60,000 and a few backpackers and Japanese honeymooners. There was European style dress code perfectly valid in Florida weather conditions imposed in the area. Hence one can see how important is positioning while planning marketing of a good product.

In case of online casinos, the approach of marketing is a bit different. Here the casinos rely on online promotion through social media marketing and other techniques. The demography factor is also considered while doing social media marketing in different platforms. It depends on which currency will be accepted and whether the country of operation of the agency accepts those currencies. For example, Indian currency is not accepted in USA and Europe. These things are to be seen while doing promotion of your product on social media channels.

At the next level, focus must be given to the 3 P’s of people. First, the people who are hired by the casino management as they work for the company. Their interraction with the customers is very important as their good behavior and support makes a quality impact on the minds of the gamers. If the impact is good, the gamers will come back to the casino again and the recurring customers have a very good result on the turnover and business performance of the casino itself.

The second group of people includes the players who are playing in the casino. They are the present customers who are giving revenue to the company in the current month. The third group of people are those who are playing with other casinos and we are expecting them to play with our casinos. Our marketing effort should drag him to our casino from the previous one. A very important aspect of the casino business is that most of them focus on the second group of persons and do not work much on the first and the third group. This is a bad mistake which these companies make and they stop asking for new customers as they stop asking for new players.

Quite often, it has been seen that the design of the products and the marketing approach is designed at the top level of the company and nothing is discussed with the staff who are actually involved in daily interraction with the customers who are doing login into the casino on a daily basis and playing games. Once the approach has been defined, it should be placed before the lower strata of the organization so that they can criticise the concepts which are realistic in view and can give some good suggestions which are realistic in view and will work good for the organization at the ground level. Their opinion about framing the rules should not be neglected as they work at ground level in the organization.

One should realize that ownership feeling and commitment towards a concern should always come from recognition, involvement and mutual respect.

At the same time, the new customers should never be neglected as they are the real people who foster growth of a business. You must also look into the matter that none of your existing customers should leave your casino and start playing in your competitors casino. That will hamper the growth of your business.

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