Is It Illegal For Singaporeans To Play Online Casinos?

Online gaming has become more prevalent than ever. From the far east, and Africa, to European countries, several online casinos exist in different countries. As a Singaporean, it’s understandable to be having second thoughts about the legality of playing online casinos. After all, there are some land-based casinos that seem to be government-approved, while many claims to enjoy betting in reputable online casinos.

Consequently, you could be in the loophole concerning whether you can play betting as a Singaporean. However, there is no need to worry. In this article, you’ll learn the basic laws surrounding online casino Singapore and what is considered legal and illegal betting. Also, you’ll find some useful tips on how to bet legally, despite living in Singapore. Let’s get started. 

What Does It Mean To Gamble In Singapore?

The concept of gambling is defined as three different activities in Singapore. The first one is betting. This refers to any activity involving making or accepting a bet by paying or staking money or the value of money on the possible outcome of an event. 

The second definition focuses on gaming, which entails playing games that feature the element of chances and provide the bettor with the possibility of winning money or monetary value. 

The third definition centres around lottery betting. In this case, it’s about paying money or using a valuable item to engage in arrangements or competitions to gain prizes, which depends on the likelihood of an outcome.

In other words, gambling is a broad term that covers online casino gaming, sports betting Singapore, and lottery games. Some common examples of online casino games include Roulette, Sic Bo, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Poker games. Sports betting, refers to betting on sports games such as Football, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Horse racing, Formula 1, etc. 

Several providers offer lottery games with different odds. Regardless of a player’s choice from the three categories discussed, it falls right under the definitions of gambling in Singapore by the authority. However, whether online betting is legal or not is a different topic entirely. 

Is Online Gambling Illegal For Singaporeans?

The legality of online betting in Singapore requires proper exploration. The government does not prohibit every form of gambling on the internet. However, before 2014, Singapore laws forbid all forms of online casino games. This included online casino games within the country and outside Singapore. However, the law seems to be more relaxed than ever. Now, you’ll find many online casinos in Singapore offering different slot games, table games, and sportsbooks. 

It is understood that the Singapore government is working on adjusting the present laws surrounding gambling for better clarity. This will be spearheaded by the new Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA). This agency will manage all forms of gambling in the country. 

Currently, various betting households claim to be regulated by different organizations but keep their gaming services and products open to people in Singapore. GRA intends to work with various regulators to improve the state of online gambling regulation in the country.

Additionally, the Gambling Control (GC) bill has been introduced by the government. This is designed to redevelop the Online Casino Singapore Regulatory Authority. The new agency will replace the current one but with wider mandates than before. It will be charged with regulating current products and those in the developmental phase. With the Bill, gambling’s definition will be further widened to cover other events and processes which are not currently included as parts of sports events and horse racing. 

What Are The Penalties For Illegal Online Gambling In Singapore?

The form of illegal online gaming determines the applicable charges. If an individual violates the standing rules, it could result in imprisonment for close to five years with a $20,000 fine. Also, unlicensed individuals who offer gambling products and services could face up to five years in prison with a fine of $200,000 or more. 

However, all these penalties belong to the existing laws, and things are likely to change soon. With the new Bill, anyone who operates online gambling services illegally may end up with seven years imprisonment and a $500,000 fine.  

Recommended Tips To Play Online Casino Legally In Singapore

Whether you are new in Singapore or want to try out online betting for the first time, it’s important to ensure that you are not flouting any law. So what can you do to stay on the good side and enjoy your favourite games online? Consider the following important tips:

Tip 1: Consider Social Gambling With Friends And Family

You are free to engage in social gambling with friends and family. This implies that it’s not commercial. Also, ensure that the activity is performed within your private space. Any winning involved should be for the fun of it and not requires signing any legal document. 

Tip 2: Only Play On Licensed Online Casino

While the laws concerning online gambling needs better clarity, you should be on the safe side by playing only on licensed betting platform. Most licensed online casinos have their license logo placed at the bottom of their homepage. Once the license is verified, you can continue to enjoy your game.

Tip 3: Read Online Reviews

Here is another important tip to consider before registering on a betting platform. Consider learning about the gambling side before signing up. Check the available licenses and certifications, game library, and restricted countries. If Singapore is among the restricted country, it’s best to find another reliable online casino that is licensed and permitted in Singapore.


The legality of online casinos in Singapore will continue to be debatable until the authority sheds further light on the concept of gambling. The passing of the Gaming Control Bill and the establishment Gambling Regulatory Authority should help determine legal betting operations and services in the future. 

For now, several online casinos in Singapore, such as Maxim88 casino, exist that support sports betting, slot games, and lottery games worth exploring. However, endeavour to take the tips shared here into consideration. Enjoy your betting experience. 

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