How to Save Time and Money by Paying Municipal Tax Online

Saving time and money is one of the most essential things in an individual’s life in the current era. Due to the easy accessibility of the internet and smartphones, many things and tasks have become easy now. Also, since the Covid-19 outbreak has erupted, we are more and more dependent on how to do things from home only instead of moving out. 

However, if you are a house owner, you might know about the hectic task of paying municipal tax each year. But when it comes to municipal tax payment online, it is just a matter of a few seconds! Yes! You heard it right. I did it myself last year via my daily go-to application, i.e. Bajaj Finserv. I use this application for my smartphone as well as broadband recharge and came across this feature for paying municipal tax recently only.

What is Municipal Tax?

Also known as Property Tax, Municipal Tax is tax paid on your owned property. But, it is not it. The government charges a property tax on all tangible property an individual owns, and like every other tax, it is also to be paid every year. However, this tax levied on real estate, such as houses, office buildings, etc., depends on the government’s policy and whether it would be paid to the local state government or the Municipal Corporation (MC).

How to pay municipal tax online?

The internet has made a significant impact on how everything functions, and it has simplified a lot of things. For example, gone are the days when paying municipal tax was tedious, as the whole process has entirely changed due to the onset of digitalization. 

The whole procedure is relatively easy and is possible with a few taps on a smartphone. I’ll share my experience and how I file municipal tax annually by sitting at my home only.

(NOTE: I’m not promoting any organization through this writeup. Just sharing my experience)

On what basis is Municipal Tax calculated?

It is essential to know that the municipal tax is based on the property valuation and appraisal depending on the locality in which a person resides. Therefore, the amount varies per the locality’s type of levy, facilities available, and various other factors. 

How to make a municipal tax payment online?

    1. Download the ‘Bajaj Finserv: UPI, Pay, Loans’ application. It is available on both App Store (iPhone) and Play Store (Android).
    2. Sign up with your personal details
    3. Go to the Bills & Recharges section
    4. At the bottom, go to Municipal Taxes
    5. Fill in the required information, and you are good to go.

This whole process 52av hardly takes up your time and saves a lot of your energy, fuel as well as time too. Known across the world for many years now, this Tax is levied by the government to generate income to execute several projects for an economic boost and to enhance the living standard of citizens. So now, when someone asks you ‘How to pay municipal tax online,’ you know what to do! 


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