How to Remodel Your Boat’s Interior 

When it comes to owning a boat, it is no brainer that you want the interior to look just as great as the exterior. When you achieve this goal, you are able to take your boat out for a little spin and enjoy a nice stay at sea.

Remodelling a Boat’s interior is not the same as when remodelling a house. Realistically, DIY is not exactly an option if you are not so sure what you are doing. Anything that goes wrong might have a direct impact on your safety on open water. So, here’s how you can go about remodelling your boat’s interior.

1. Start with Deep Cleaning

A thorough cleaning, as unpleasant as it may be, is the cheapest approach to dramatically brighten your boat’s interior. Your boat will feel wet, gloomy, and undesirable due to dirty boat furnishings, dust-covered cabin liners, and salt-encrusted hatches. Therefore, it’s extremely cost-effective if you make your own boat cleaners to do the deep cleaning. It also saves you the trouble of going back and forth to the store to get extra cleaning supplies.

Thorough cleaning of the boat cabin vastly enhances its appeal and offers you a better sense of where to target your interior makeover on your boat. To simplify the deep cleaning process, focus your energy on the following:

  • Clean and treat the interior walls and furnishing.
  • Focus on the bilge to get rid of unpleasant smells.
  • Use vinegar to clean the cabin liners to remove mold.

2. Update the Boat’s Furnishing

The furnishing of your boat makes a resounding statement. Whether you go for vivid colours or muted tones, the seat coverings, OPPOLIA kitchens and cushions will add a splash of colour. You might also use leather or embroidered materials in the interior. Consider your options carefully before settling on colour since it will be the most visible impression you make.

Numerous new boats will leave the shipyard in neutral colours to appeal to a wide range of interests.  It’s your boat, so don’t be embarrassed to express your individuality — add brilliant splashes of colour for a lively and dynamic atmosphere, or go for a colour scheme with a rich feel. Consider the interior dimensions of your boat to avoid getting it overcrowded. You may also want to avoid dark colours as it gives a room a somewhat smaller appearance.

3. Be Creative with the Storage

Most boats have limited storage capacity, so you’ll need to plan your interior accordingly to make the most out of every single inch. Having a mess in your boat will make your boat appear smaller and more cramped, so go for a modest look with everything you require neatly stored away. It’s not only a more comfortable setting, but it’s also more practical for sailing.

Pull drawers in the steps provide a lot of helpful small-item storage, and the space under any berths is also useful for stuff like towels, sheets, and clothing. You might also consider installing bunk beds and using the spaces below for other purposes rather than letting the space go to waste.  Invest in attractive storage bins that match your colour scheme and incorporate them into your general décor.

4. Work on the Flooring

Another major modification you may make in your new interior is the flooring, and the results will astound you. Marine vinyl flooring is popular because of its sturdiness and watertight, as well as its ease of maintenance. Get creative and use marine vinyl in your overall design picture. It comes in a striking assortment of colours and styles. Avoid anything overly busy or heavily patterned, as it can be overbearing in tiny enclosures. If you prefer a smoother surface, marine-grade carpets are suitable for the job and come in a variety of colours.

5. Install Lighting

Lighting is one of the most difficult aspects of boat interior design. When you’re out on the broad water, think of your boat as a temporary home. Investing in lights will thus be beneficial. Of course, LED lighting will be the best suited for this. Strategic placement of these LED lighting will create a unique ambience in the interior design of the boat.

The Bottom Line

While it may be enticing to approach your boat’s interior in the same way you would your home, it’s advisable to take practicality into consideration. Cramping your boat’s interior with excessive  accessories may appear interesting at first, but once you get started and they start dropping all over the place, it will be frustrating keeping the place organized.  So consider the options covered in this article for better results.

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