How to pack your small business packages

Running a small business as an amateur entrepreneur means you definitely have a lot of questions. One of them is how should package your goods. How you package your goods definitely leaves an impact on your customers. The better the presentation, the likelier it is for the customer to repurchase.

Great packaging also serves as a marketing tool as people would share snippets of their orders on their social media, hence expanding your reach to their circles. This will serve as your way to grow your business.

Here are some of the things you need to wrap up your orders!

Little favors

While this might seem like the extra mile, it is definitely worth keeping a little treat in your package for your customers. It puts together the whole thing. Everyone loves free treats! Now this can range from acrylic keychains to dainty bracelets. Even candy works.

The idea behind putting these little favors is to please your customers and ensure a second order, or atleast a recommendation to family or friends from them. Plus this overall just makes your package seem thoughtful and expresses your gratitude to the customer for making a purchase.

Wrapping paper

Preferably custom wrapping paper with your brand’s logo printed on it. These are available in bulk online. This helps your package look more professional and put together. It also helps establish a brand image; something that is crucial to the success of a flourishing business.

If your goods don’t need secure boxes, you can just wrap the individual product in the wrapping paper. However, you can also use this as fillers for the boxes.

A custom thank you card

You can get these printed out, or you can handwrite them. This practice expresses your gratitude and keeps you humble as you run your business. You can use eco-friendly material which will also help boost your reputation infront of clients. There are countless different pictures of ideas online. A simple Google search will help you find a lovely theme that works for you.


Running a small business is no joke, it actually does require a great deal of effort, especially if you are working alone. Putting together aesthetically pleasing orders is just another part of that job. Using the things listed above, you are bound to create the perfect packag that your customers will love and cherish!

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