How to Make Your Wedding Elegant Without Spending Much

Most couples dream of fancy weddings and lavish celebrations. Some would even go as far as to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to  breathe life into their idea of a “perfect wedding.” 

However, you don’t have to strain your wallets just to get that picture-perfect celebration. You can still have a lovely wedding, without going into debt afterwards.

Sometimes, when couples are too caught up in the planning, they tend to become blindsided by their irrational decisions foodiesfact, which could bite them in the back a few years later. However, don’t fret because you don’t have to be swept away by the high of your engagement, you can still make practical decisions for your wedding while still being on a strict budget.

Here are 5 tips you will need in planning an affordable yet elegant wedding:

1. Canvass for Different Services

Start planning as early as possible igadgetnow. Make a temporary checklist for everything you need for your wedding. This includes catering services and venues. However, that doesn’t automatically mean you need to check them off as quickly as possible. You can scout for cheaper services while you still have time.

Look for a beautiful venue that fits your budget perfectly. The venue doesn’t necessarily have to be at a pricey hotel or an extravagant church. You can have a simple wedding at the beachside while hosting your reception in your backyard.

Catering services can often be pricey as well. Just scout as many services as you can and pick out the best and more affordable ones. You can search online for more wedding catering services in Toronto. You can even ask for a second opinion from relatives and family members to help you out.

2. Modest Yet Sublime Wedding Decor

Your decorations can either make or break the wedding. Keep in mind that not every wedding should be flooded with ostentatious decor. Keep it simple and modest. Always bear in mind that less is more.

If you are to go all out and embellish your wedding with flashy decor from the top to the floors, it would end up looking tacky and pretentious; even worse, it just might ruin your budget.

Go for something minimal yet elegant, like flowers or bouquets. They don’t have to be too grandiose, just choose the simpler ones, such as lilies and wisterias. You can even have them delivered fresh in Toronto using online flower delivery services to lessen your travel time.

3. You Don’t Need an Elaborate Wedding Cake

Pastries can be expensive, especially if your cake has multiple layers. Fret not; you don’t have to order a 3-layered cake just to make your wedding look grandiose. You can go for the more practical route and order a “dummy cake”.

This type of cake is not real. You just need a few layers of styrofoam and a very skilled pastry chef to decorate it with fondant or icing igadgetnewstoday. Your guests can’t even tell the difference!

However, if you’re committed to the traditional cake cutting portion of the celebration, then you can still order an actual cake for you and your husband, the extra layers can serve as a decorative piece or dummy.

4. Make it Yourself

If you have the skills and creative eye for this sort of event then don’t be afraid to do it yourself! You can be your own wedding planner if you think you have enough practice. Or, you can even decorate your venue with the help of your peers and partner.

Being self-reliant can save you a ton of money and help you enhance your experiences in this field. Also, you can track the all you spend and audit Malta your expenses if it is still on track on your budget. Maybe you’re skilled in the art of flower arrangement or possibly baking. This can save you from having to order flowers and instead you can decorate them yourself.

If you’re a skilled baker, you can bake your own wedding cake and pastry treats. It’s a budget-friendly option than having to purchase a classy cake.

5. Family Services

If you have a family member who’s skilled enough to contribute to your wedding planning, then don’t hesitate to ask for help! They can be the wedding host or provide live entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

And, since they are a close relative of yours, try and negotiate the prices for their services. Who knows, they might do it for free as a wedding gift. That would be so much more practical than having to scout for other people offering such services.

What’s even better is that you’re giving them a platform to promote their talent and show your support. It’s a win-win situation.

Although weddings are usually known for their grandiose atmosphere, always keep in mind that the actual event isn’t what’s most important. What’s important is the fact that you and your partner are finally being united as one in front of the people you love.

Don’t be too pressured by society’s perception of what a “perfect wedding” looks like. You don’t have to go into debt just to have the perfect celebration newspinup.

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