How to Make Epoxy Croc Charms

If you don’t own Crocs, you probably know someone who does and can’t get rid of them. It’s amazing how this once-hated shoe has become a fashion sensation. The croc is firmly entrenched in pop culture. They are worn by Generation Z and beyond.

Crocs are versatile, very comfortable, fashionable and adaptable! What more could you ask for? In a short time, the crocodile has reached the peak of its popularity worldwide. Crocs shoes with charms are easy to get on and off and sometimes fit better than regular shoes.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Design: First, design your silicone mold and decide what color you want. Before pouring the Sculpey liquid into the mold, mix it in a cup or, if you’re mixing colors, in a heat-resistant silicone bottle with a double-sided stirrer.

Coloring: The mug is transparent so you can see what color you’re mixing, it’s graduated so you can measure easily, and the spout makes pouring easy. If there are leftovers in the mug, you can cover it and make it the next day or bake it as is, and the mug is removable for easy cleaning!

Formatting: Cut out a 2.5cm diameter circle with a hole. Format the label design in a word processor and create a 1-inch (2.5 cm) border or round cutout. For ease of joining, keep the dots and epoxy images the same size and shape. Print the design and cut it out.

Placing: Place the epoxy dots 2.5 cm above the image. Epoxy dots are usually sold with a self-adhesive backing and have a sticky backing so they will easily stick to anything. Carefully peel off the dots, align the image and the dots and press the edges together.

Applying Glue: Attach the pendant base to the pendant using hot glue. Turn the pendant so that the epoxy resin is facing down. Apply glue to the flat edge of the pendant base and press the dots into the center of the pendant base.

Alligator pendants

Alligator pendants are known as gallows pendants and are just as popular as crocodile pendants. The pendant consists of a removable button that is inserted into a small hole on the alligator. Like the three friends who turned their homemade swimming shoes into crocodiles, the Zivitzes soon followed suit. As part of an art project, Shelly Schmeltzer placed artificial flowers in the holes of her children’s crocodile shoes. Her husband saw the potential of the idea and the Zivitz Company was born, with a multi-million dollar turnover.

Removing the Jibbitz

– Support the crocodile shoe with your hand so that you can insert your fingers under the gibbet.

– Slide your fingers to the inside of the shoe where the gibbet is located.

– With your other hand, push the tag through the hole on the outside of the shoe.

– Do not pull it up without pushing it in to avoid breaking the hole.

– Fastening the Jibbitz system

– Select the label and the hole in the Jibbitz where you want to attach the label.

– Support the hole with your finger and slide the Jibbitz down at an angle.

– Listen carefully for any cracks in the base of the Jibbitz.

– Look inside the crocodile shoe to see if you can see the bottom.

– Turn the Jibbitz in the desired direction.

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