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How to get an audience on YouTube

Quite a few YouTube creators do not know how to attract users to their channel even after several years of hard work. This is due to the fact that the algorithms of the platform are constantly changing, as are the needs of users.

It happens that the author’s videos gain a large number of views, but for some reason users do not want to subscribe to the channel after that. Bloggers see such statistics and fall into apathy, after which they can generally abandon their activities on the platform.

Today we will talk about how to attract an audience to your channel and why you need to buy YouTube subscribers for the most effective promotion. Also in this article, you will learn how to build a dialogue with users so that they are interested in communicating with you and following your updates.

How to attract viewers after one view

It often happens that a user watched one video of a blogger when he accidentally saw it in the recommendations, but after that he decided not to go to the channel. This may be for several reasons. We cannot assume that he is not interested in the subject, because in this case he would not open the video. Most likely the matter is in the presentation of the material or in quality.

The usual situation is that users do not like any person who voices any information. They may prefer a different storytelling style, and that’s fine. But if we are talking about the quality of the video, then here you have to work on yourself. Carefully study your videos and the content of other creators and evaluate your advantages and disadvantages. Try to understand if you would be in the place of the viewer to go to the channel and see what else is there.

Also analyze the statistics for all your videos to understand which ones brought you the most audience and feedback. Probably at this stage you will be able to understand what needs your audience has and what you should do in the future.

It should be understood that you can always buy real YouTube subscribers because this is the fastest and cheapest method of gaining an audience. However, after that, you need to do something high-quality and attractive for these people so that they stay with you.

Is it worth calling people to action?

Often, the authors believe that calls to action have long been an ineffective way to attract attention, because everyone does it. However, this is a big misconception because people can simply forget to visit the channel and subscribe to it, or turn on the video in the background and do not notice how it ends and a new one turns on.

At the end of the video, you can encourage viewers to follow you and wait for new content to be released. In order to warm up their attention and interest, you can say what will be in the next video or ask a question that you will answer in the new issue. This will arouse interest in users, and they will look forward to updates on your channel.

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