How to Find Your Next Construction Company

It may seem overwhelming to locate the right commercial general contractor for your Calgary project.  However, if you proceed methodically, you will find it easier than you think.

Your first piece of homework is to define the project.  It can be enlarging a space, adding rooms, adding another story, complete or partial demolition, or new construction.  Once you know that, you can start search for contractors who specialize in that type of work.  If you are only trying to re-engineer existing space, that may be a broad scope of companies or individuals.  If you have a major undertaking that will also involve plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and electronics, you will need a more full service provider.

  • Talk with others.
  • Use a search engine to locate contractors.
  • Contact organizations like the Better Business Bureau.
  • Review social media posts.

Start by asking others who have had recent construction work completed.  That includes family, friends, other business associates, your financial advisor, and even your competitors.  With those names in hand, you can start your internet search.  Visit their websites to see the scope of their work.  See if they have completed any projects similar to yours in type and complexity.  Read the reviews.  If there are negative reports, see if they are consistently about the same problem or how serious the issues were.  Check social media.  All of this should give you an idea of reputation in the community.

Next you need to develop your list of questions for the short list you are developing.  This should include proof of all insurance coverages.  Ask for a list of projects like the one you are planning, including the address, and then plan to visit that site to confirm and possibly talk with the owner or manager.  Find out if they have sufficient workforce available during your timeframe.  Do they have access to or own the equipment necessary to complete the job correctly.  You really don’t want someone to jury rig when you should be using a specific item.  Be sure to get a written estimate that would include materials, labor, and timeline.

It is just as important to eliminate those companies you don’t want to hire, either because they do not have the capabilities or because they are not someone you want to work with through personality or the volume or types of complaints that were lodged.

The bottom line is that you want to hire a contractor that will do the job correctly the first time, on time, and within your budget.  Choose a company that has a wide range of experience in commercial renovation and building work.

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