How To Choose The Best Finnish Online Slots

Thanks to the worldwide expansion of online gambling and the relaxed gambling laws in Finland, punters can benefit from numerous online slot games. With several attractive and extensive lists of online slots available on several gambling sites, choosing a suitable variation can be quite tasking, especially when you have no idea what to look out for or expect from these games.

Online slots are among the most popular casino games due to their simplicity, high payout rates, and huge jackpot wins. It is no surprise that even in Finland, they are pretty popular. So, how do you choose the best Finnish online slot with many variations available? Easy, by considering the following factors:

High Return To Player Percentage

As a Finnish punter interested in online slots, you should look for slot variation with a high payout percentage. The payout percentage, also known as Return To Player (RTP), is calculated by dividing the total amount paid by the slots by the bet amount placed by a player. It indicates how much a player should expect from a bet placed in an online kolikkopelit. RTP is the determining factor in an online slot result, as they reveal how much return you are getting from a particular slot game.

Selecting online slots based on RTP is pretty easy; keep in mind that the higher the RTP value, the higher the return of your bet over time. Finnish online slots hardly offer games with less than 80% RTP; it isn’t uncommon either to find slot games of 99.1% RTP, the likes of Mega Joker by NetEnt, which is currently the Finnish online Slot with the highest RTP. Other online slots with high RTP are:

  • Starburst by NetEnt 96.09%
  • Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt 96.00%
  • Extra Chilli by Big Time Gaming 96.15%
  • Vikings Go Berzerk by Yggdrasil 96.10%
  • Book of Dead by Play’N GO 96.21%

One of the ways you can choose the best Finnish online slots is by comparing the RTP each slot version has to offer.

Slots Variance / Volatility

Another factor worth considering when selecting online slots is the variance of the slot game. Variance in online slots refers to the payback percentage of your bankroll; that is, how often a spin is likely to hit a winning combination and its average payout size.

A high variance slot does not land on wins quite often; however, the win is always massive when it does. In such slots, your bankroll is prone to rapid swings between highs and lows. While in contrast, a low variance slot lands on wins quite often, but in smaller prizes. This variance provides a steadier bankroll that does not fluctuate compared to high-variance slots.

Knowing a slot game variance helps in determining the size of your bankroll. If you are playing a high-variance slot game, ensure that your bankroll is bulky so that the effect of low swing wouldn’t be too impactful. While for low-variance games, low bankrolls would be ideal. How do you select an online slot game based on variance? Simple, by figuring out what you want in a game. If you are looking for a long game session on a small bankroll, you should go for a low-variance game. However, if you prefer jackpot-style payoff, where you get a big win, you should go for a high-variance online slot game.

Multi-line Play Slots

Multi-line play is also a dominant factor worth considering when contemplating online slots. This factor increases your number of possible winning combinations on every spinned reel.

Multi-line play has become a standard for major online casinos in Finland. Such slots allow you to bet on as many lines as you desire while choosing your bet size.

In-Game Bonuses

Some Finnish online slots offer in-game bonuses that can be activated within the game, allowing you to earn without an additional monetary deposit. In-game bonuses are not limited to free spins but can also come as a multiplier trigger that multiplies any winning made from the reel. As online slots become more sophisticated, more special bonuses are included.

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