How much does an SSL certificate cost?

Once you’ve convinced yourself that you need an SSL authentication, the next thing to think about is how much it will cost. Most of the time, the cost of an SSL certificate is about $60 per year, but this can change a lot. Depending on how secure your site needs to be, it can cost anywhere from $5 per year to a whopping $1,000 per year.

In this article, we’ll help you understand why this range exists and tell you everything else you need to know how to value an SSL testament.

An SSL certificate cost endorsement is a high-tech document that encrypts any information sent from a client to the server of your website. The main things that affect how SSL is rated are how many places the SSL declaration will protect and how carefully the confirmation cycle checks the content that claims the space. Keeping these limits in mind, here are the types of SSL endorsements that are available today:

SSL Certificate for a Single Domain

This SSL authentication protects a single domain and subdomain in its correct order. For example, if you have several domains or subdomains, like,, and, you can only protect one of them.

SSL Certificate for a Special Case

Case in point SSL authentications protects a domain and all of its top-level subdomains. For example, you can protect as well as subdomains like,, and others.

This SSL certification starts at $30 per year.

SSL Certificate for Multiple Domains

With a multi-area SSL certificate, you can protect all of your different spaces and subdomains. For example, you can buy inclusion for,, and all through the same SSL testament.

This type of SSL authentication costs as little as $60 per year.

This is a quick and clear approval, and the only thing that is confirmed is that you are responsible for the space name. Fits the needs of bloggers and site owners, doesn’t ask visitors for any personal information, and is usually given in almost no time.

Approval of an association (OV)

An OV SSL declaration is given after an authentication authority (CA) has checked your space ownership and basic information about the organization, such as its name and location. An OVL SSL endorsement gives a higher level of security than space approval but less than what you’d get with expanded approval. This makes it great for business owners who don’t want their customers to enter sensitive information like payment details.

A regular price for an OV endorsement is around $150 per year.

Validation that is wider (EV)

Even though DV and OV are not required, EV testimonies are only given after the physical and legal presence of the group has been checked out. It is the most thorough level of approval, and as a result, it shows the most trust, validity, and cost.

Where to Get an SSL Certificate

To get an SSL declaration, there are two main ways. The first step is to choose a web designer, domain registration center, or site host that can give you an SSL certificate. This plan is usually easier for businesses that work on their own. Because of this, you can usually get free SSL authentication for almost a whole year.

Organization Validated (OV) Certificates

Association Validated testaments aren’t very well-known because they look the same as DV endorsements. From the outside, DV and OV endorsements in Google Chrome look like a dark latch sign. But OV endorsements are more expensive, and you need to make sure that your space and organization’s personality match.

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