How Do Students Increase Writing Speed in Exam to Avoid Stress?

Exams demand preparation; every person’s instinct feels anxious whenever they go through the examination. Especially in student years, it takes a toll on students; everyone strives to pass their exams and move towards the next phase.

Writing Speed has its advantages, but in this modern technological world, we spend most of our time on electrical gadgets that negatively impact our writing speed. Students often struggle to write on time during exams, especially when writing an essay.

But don’t worry; it needs practice, patience, and a few tips to follow, and you can improve your writing speed. It also has benefits; it helps brain activation, brings academic success, and serves as a foundation for reading, critical thinking, and language.

Tips and Tricks to Write Fast:

Use Bullet Points:

Using bullet points to elaborate the important information is an efficient way to save time. They are easy to write and read, making your essay more impactful. Explaining something in bullet points makes it easy to understand.

Take Mock Exam to avoid Stress and increase writing Speed:

If you are too afraid to sit for an exam or are under stress by thinking of it, the best way to overcome it is by taking a mock exam. You can do it yourself, find any previous paper, or visit a good essay writing service. The well-trained professionals will help you practice and increase your Speed, build confidence and decrease stress.

Prioritize Your Question as per Marks:

Prioritizing and attempting questions that account for more marks and less effort, try to attempt them first; in this way, you can achieve or cover a larger section of paper than normal and save time. You can also attempt easy questions or have exact answers to them. It will increase your Speed and build confidence. 

Keep Calm, Don’t Attempt to Hurry:

Keep your nerves calm and don’t make them overcome you, sit with patience, and don’t hurry. If you panic and start writing in a hurry, there is a chance that your handwriting does not come out neat, and it’s hard for the teacher to read your text and negatively affect your paper.

After prioritizing, attempt the paper with patience; it not only allows you to cover a larger chunk of paper in a shorter time, but your handwriting will also increase eventually.

Use Graphs or Figures Where needed:

If any question has a lengthy answer, you can use graphs or figures to explain it; it answers the questions and brings versatility to your paper. It also allows you to write less and spare more time to attempt other parts of the Exam. 

How to Write an Essay Fast in Exam:

Essays are probably the longest part of an exam that simultaneously tests your writing ability and Speed. You can do it faster and efficiently by following methods:

Practice to increase your Speed:

The easiest way to overcome Stress and increase Speed is by practicing; it helps you when you attempt an exam. It also makes you follow the essay structure, tips, and other important traits. It helps with time management, focuses, and trains your brain for a certain task during an Exam.

Always make an Outline First:

Outlining an essay is a must; every minute in the exam counts; if you know what to mention and when to write it, you will save a lot of your time. An outline gives you a headstart by providing a clear and focused direction and also helps you adjust the word count and maintain the essay length. 

Perfectionism Kills Time:

Remember that while writing during an Exam, you have limited time. Please don’t waste it overthinking. It kills your time, and in the end, you have major portions of your Exam that remain unattempted. Overthinking to perfect your Exam can drastically decrease your chances of finishing it on time.

Structure your Essay Before Starting:

Plan before execution is valid in essay writing, too; if you plan your essay structure before start working on it, it helps you in many ways. Especially in saving time, it is an effective tool in your arsenal. You can consider your outline for structuring your essay; in this way, you can save time in this domain, too, as you have done the work already.

Final Thoughts:

Time is a crucial factor while attempting any exam. Poor time management can trigger anxiety and keep you under stress in the examination room. But it is manageable; you can adopt small approaches to do it. Practice, patience, consistency, and following the above-explained tips and tricks will help you.

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